Why do some women act so bratty and rude to guys they like?

A girl told me she hated me and wish I'd kill myself, and wants to transfer school because of me (lame, 'cause we barely even talk). She acts like a huge 'see you next Tuesday', it's like walking on eggshells around her, but she looks away really fast if I catch her looking, giggles at my jokes, and sits up straight and smiles to herself when she sees me. Guys are telling me she wants the 'D' and she probably does. I'd never go for this girl, cute or not, she just acts like a drama queen and disrespectful (and disrespect just gets girls on the 'ignore' list). It's annoying because the girls who are the most into me act the most difficult (hard to get a long with and PMS'y), and if they have mild interest it seems easier to build attraction. It seems easier fanning mild flames into a blaze, than taking control of a fire when it's already blazing. Why do women act like such a pain when they like a guy a lot? Are they so nervous that they'd rather the guy end up hating her, than risk him finding out she likes him?


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  • Hahah you are right, some girls do that. Girls in love are crazy sometimes.

    I am not sure why. But I guess they want the guy they like to think

    that they are strong, and aren't easy to get, or they aren't coming too strong.

    Sometimes they do that because they didn't try to be honest

    with themselves, and don't want to admit that they like a certain guy,

    so they try to fight themselves and erase any suspicion by acting that way.

    Some girls actually think that this kind of behavior actually "attracts" guys

    (the opposite of what you think lol).

    • *tries to imagine blue being rude*

      *fails* :P

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    • Yeah, I agree with you. Some challenge is always good, but people should take respect, and good manners in their mind. I don't like it when people get blinded by their emotions, and start acting rude lol. But trust me, not all girls are the same, maybe some girls would act like something like that but they keep some limits for respect, and some girls don't act like that at all.

    • I guess that kind of girl doesn't know that you don't like her behavior.

      She thinks that you like it, and would approach her someday. :P

      I guess you have to show her (indirectly and in a nice way) that this behavior annoys you.

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  • I think we should start a revolution and decide to listen to what people actually say ("I hate you") instead of body language interpretations.

    Because if we keep putting so much stock in "little hints," people are going to keep doing it instead of being straight-forward about what they want. If someone tells me they don't like me, why should I not take their word for it? People need to learn this reasoning and stop trying to make people read minds. It applies to more serious issues as well, like listening to someone when they say "no" to sex and not making dumbass arguments like "well they were flirting with me earlier..."


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  • Girls love a challenge. Just like guys do. Then some of us grow up and get over it.