Why are so many girls so fat?

Seriously, I see so many girls at university who would be really good looking... if they lost 30 pounds. What I don't get is--looks are way more important for girls than guys.

Because, face it--guys need game, and to know how to act with girls.

Girls? They need to be pretty and sweet, maybe.

So why are so many girls so fat? And more pressingly, not just ugly girls. I look at these girls in class, and so many fat girls would be great looking if lost like 30 pounds. And what's scarier is, how many of these girls are overweight at their prime in college, so how many of them will be cows when they hit 30? People usually *gain* weight later in life when they're cramming some white collar office job, and they're at the best when they're young.

To be fair, the fat male slobs in classes look like pathetic losers as well, but the fat girls who would look really cute bother me more. I just don't get it. It takes a lot of eating to get 20-30 pounds overweight, and a lot of these girls look like they were probably really cute before they blew up like balloons.
Why are so many girls so fat?
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