What is your view on wearing thong bikinis in public?

My name is Alyssa I am 28 years old and I grew up in Brazil. When I was 18 I moved to the USA and went to school in Florida. When I lived in Brazil wearing a thong bikinis was as normal as wearing shorts and a T-shirt here in FL. Most of the beaches in Brazil there is no dress code and normally girls wear thongs and are topless. When I was 17 and 18 in Brazil my friends when I would go to the beach in just our thongs and when we got there we would usually take our tops off too. Now I know here in Florida it's not common to take your top off at the beach but I do still wear thong bikini to the beach my boyfriend loves it because I have the stereo typical Brazilian butt. Honestly I don't even have a bikini that is not a thong. Now living in Florida I obviously go to the beach a lot and sometimes I get looks from other girls like I'm doing something wrong or or they're jealous because their boyfriends are seeing me in a thong. none of my girlfriends seem to have a problem with it even when their boyfriends are around they don't seem to mind. My boyfriend and I and another couple went on his boat this past weekend and I talked my girlfriend into buying a thong bikini and wearing it on the boat I told her it looks great and it feels so free. Her boyfriend and her talked about it and she went and bought one and wore it on the boat this weekend. I don't see what the big deal is with wearing a thong bikini now I'm obviously not going to go into a restaurant or something like that in a thong but when you're on the beach tanning or on the boat what is such a big deal. Honestly in my opinion it's time for the US to ditch their diaper bikinis and be a little adventurous. Are there any other girls out there that wear thong bikinis besides me. What is your view on this
What is your view on wearing thong bikinis in public?
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