What do women look for in a Man? What traits?

What do women look for, when it comes to men? What traits? Just looks? Money? Fame? Nice car or job? How about inner qualities? Does it matter about looks, age, experience? Any tips on how to get women interested in me? Any tips would help. Thanks! (I especially want to hear from women, but guy's answers would be good too. Thanks!)
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Well, thx for everyone's help. REALLY wish more women had answered, for their views, but it's OK. Thx to the ones who did. And the guys too. Truthfully, I know I must have problems, getting women, because if I didn't, I'd have them, and wouldn't be here. So I KNOW I lack skills/etc. Working on those flaws. But, not giving up. I'll try to relax, focus on me, life. Hopefully make ME better, attract women. I'm great. Hopefully find a woman who thinks so too. Mind EM tips? I'd appreciate it. Thx!
What do women look for in a Man? What traits?
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