Why do girls have to wear tight or revealing clothing? Why can't men wear it?

Whenever a girl asks a question on here and links a picture to an article of clothing, the vast majority of people will say they don't like it if they see that its not revealing nor tight. Anything that's both loose and covers a lot of skin isn't considered stylish. Meanwhile, guys can be stylish with neither tight or revealing clothing. Why is that?

Up until recently its been the women that wore loose clothing and men who wore the tighter fitted clothing. Just think of the tights that men used to wear. Women wore also wore more layers. There are more layers to a Woman's kimono than a Man's kimono.

This can be seen nearly everywhere in the world up until a point. Even when you look at the more tribal cultures, the women wear more clothing than the men. Not too long ago, speedos were acceptable for men to wear, and one pieces and the two-pieces worn by women were high waisted and covered their bottom completely, but now men wear such long swimming trunks and barely any women wear one-pieces even if it flatters their figure better. I posted a question with only one-piece swimsuits and everyone said their were ugly and recommended bikinis instead.

So why is it all of a sudden that its not considered feminine for women to wear loose clothing that doesn't reveal much?

Does anyone wish that fashion could go back to the way it was in the way that women were covered up and it was actually the men who showed off more of their figures?
Why do girls have to wear tight or revealing clothing? Why can't men wear it?
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