What's the glint in the eyes?

People mention that if a guy has that glint in his eyes when he looks at you that he’s flirting/likes you, but what does that look like exactly, or is it something you have to see, to know.

I feel like this guy does it to me, but I’m probably looking too far into it, and it isn’t there, but idk, I’m not very perceptive about whether guys are flirting with me or not.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You'll know it when it happens.

    It's like "time stops" and there's this moment. You both know it. That's why people say "it was love at first sight". It's only happened to me twice. lol.

    • Ok yeah I had that time stops feeling with this guy, does that mean there's "something" there when that happens-chemistry, feelings or whatever, even if it's never acted on?

What Girls Said 1

  • some guys have naturally shinier eyes, like the light reflects off them...ok kidding

    a guy will look really really happy and that's why there's a 'glint' I think. like one of those cartoons with stars in the eyes aka 'the glint' people speak of.