Flirting with German men?

Are there any major differences between flirting with German men versus American men?

I'm going to Munich soon to visit some friends, one of them is this very cute German that I met a few months ago in the US. Anyone have some advice?


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  • Yes, ask him this: "Hast du eine grosse pimmel?" then say, "Ich liebe grosse pimmel..." smile and look at him. He won't be able to resist your charm...

    • Hahahaha... ummm Thanks. But I want to flirt, not get molested!

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  • GERMAN MEN DONT FLIRT! unless their drunk. take it from me =) look at this german guys comment(2nd one). he describes german men to a T


    • Thanks for the link! The website looks like it will be helpful for other things as well. I'm going for Oktoberfest, so lots of drinking will be involved. haha. The specific guy I met was actually very flirty, well at least he was in Boston. He approached me and asked for my number. I was very surprised. The other German men I've met were too reserved to do that.

    • You're welcome! well they tend to be quite outgoing when they're not in their "natural habitat", but what you have sounds hopeful! and of course you must keep in mind that not all german men are like that (just most) =) best of luck to you and go get those germans!