Girls, what do you think about guys wearing fedoras?

I'm not talking about those stupid short brimmed ones, I'm talking about a classic man's fedora, that is worn with a suit. If you want an idea of what I look like go to another one of my questions. link link link link
On the second link above scroll down. Here's another example.



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  • In all honesty they look attractive in those pictures but if I saw a man wearing something like that out in public right now, it would be a little weird, just because it's not common now. I mean a few decades ago they would be nice but now I think it would make a guy look like he's trying too hard.

    If you like it, you should go for it though, and rock it. (:

    • I wouldn't dress like that everyday, just when I had to wear a suit.

      Thanks for your answer.

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  • I wouldn't judge.

    I think it looks good on certain men. But most men these days are wearing snapbacks.

  • i'm sorry,but I'd assume that you think that misandry,heterophobia and reverse racism were real issues so it's pretty much link please,don't. I realize this is prejudice,and you should wear what you want,but just know that it is a certain trend.

    • You assumed wrong on my political beliefs. I would never wear a fedora like that, or look like that idiot. I'm talking about the 40's style fedoras worn only with a suit. Believe it or not, I'm not trying to follow a trend, I just like the style and I wanted to see what others thought before I tried it.

      Thanks for the answer.

  • I would laugh in their face and tell them they look stupid.

    • Whether or not you like a suit and fedora, I really hope you wouldn't actually do that. It's rather tactless, don't you think?

      Thanks for your opinion on the matter.

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    • I happen to believe that I have more consideration with my fellow people than someone who would purposely dress himself like that, giving all of us sore eyes, ton say the least

    • Well, I was right about you; you defiantly have no tact.

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