Why do women put tall men on a pedestal?

Ok so yes, I'm just below average in height. 5'6. 21 years old. When it comes to the dating scene women prefer tall guys, and I understand that, not complaining about that, you can be attracted to whoever you choose. But I just can't help to feel bitter sometimes of how women just put tall men on the pedestal. For example women say they feel more "safer" or more protected with a tall man who is like 6'0. They don't comment on whether he works out, or if he is physically fit, the just give him the benefit of the doubt of him having this illusory sense of superiority in physical strength just because his skeletal frame is 6'0. Some of these guys who I do know who are 6'0 can't even fight, or are more on the feminine side, but for some reason women think there some physical specimen because their 6'0. Not to get harsh, but even if the guy is ugly looking in the face, kinda has flawed character, smoker or whatever, women still swoon over a guys height. Why do women think a guys height just automatically makes him some sort of ultra attractive God and never-mind all of the other traits you can judge one on?

I don't know, sometimes I feel disappointed because I feel like I have a lot to offer, I'm in great shape (I run track for my college, and been working out/lifting weights for 3 years), I'm healthy, I've always been told I'm a really cool guy, (eg. some of my White, Hispanic, Indian friends etc always tell me I'm the coolest black guy they ever met and feel honored that they were able to cross paths in life with me etc. lol), I've been called cute a number of times (not to be arrogant or anything but I do think I'm a pretty decent looking guy in the face). I'm in college, have a part time job, I'm pretty intelligent but down to earth since I come from the streets. I guess chill and laid-back are definitely what everyone would describe me as. I would say though that I am introverted, and can be shy sometimes.

But I just find it frustrating, when I feel I have decent qualities to offer a women even though I may lack in height, yet some guy who is 6'0 and have all sorts of flaws etc is immediately categorized as "HOT" by women without them ever seeing a picture of the guy or knowing what he's like just because he is 6'0. Like the guy doesn't need to do anything, just be 6'0 and women seem to worship the ground you walk on like your some prime genetic specimen. Never made sense to me. Just don't get how you can be 5'6 and better looking, athletic shape, have more personality and things going for you, yet some ugly 6'0 guy (no offense) with no goals and negative personality, out-of-shape, can't fight, is known to women as a guy they feel "safe" with is a "protector" Just because is skeletal frame measure 6'0.

What do you women think? How can a shy below average height guy like me get women?
Why do women put tall men on a pedestal?
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