Girls only - what do you think of a guy that prefers girls that wear shorts under their skirts/dresses?

I prefer girls that wear shorts under their skirts/dresses especially if they are black spandex shorts underneath. Don't know why really.

Lots of guys like panties but I don't like them and spandex shorts worn on their own I don't care for much either. I only like shorts under skirts/dresses.

I guess I respect girls that do wear shorts underneath more as well.

I really want to hear from girls especially that do wear shorts under their skirt.

What do think of this straight up?

What would your reaction be to a guy in real life if you found out he liked shorts under skirts like this?

Is this strange?

You ever met another guy like this?

Is this a bit perverted?

Can you make sense why I do?

Do you wear shorts under your skirt/dress?

What kind and colour of shorts - black spandex shorts?

Why or Why not do you wear shorts underneath?
Also is it always or only sometimes you wear shorts underneath?
The sentence "I guess I respect girls that do wear shorts underneath more as well." is deceiving because I don't base all my respect all on a girl based on that.
Also would you try and hide the shorts from me so I don't ever see them?


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  • 1. It is like a weird fetish. Like oddly specific. its a bit strange but doesn't really matter to me

    2.I would laugh and tease him(not to hurt his feelings but yeah). I guess I would stop letting my shorts show


    4.nope, never

    5.well it is a fetish soo...yeaah

    6.nope? did your mom do this?

    7. Yep

    8. black cotton shorts. sometimes grey or navy

    9.Because I wear like mid thigh skirts and sometimes it get windy and my skirt flies up. and I sit with a bunch of guys in class and sometimes they try to look under the table up my skirt.

    10.Most of the time I do. Sometimes when I forget I don't

    • Yeah it is a bit weird but I have this fetish and I guess you can't really explain that :p So you would hide away your shorts underneath so I couldn't see them?

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  • I wear shorts under my skirts, and pretty much all the girls at my school do. I guess we're not very ladylike, so we need to avoid flashing people? Also, most people wear pretty short dresses and skirts. I especially wear them with circle skirts, because you turn too fast in one of those and it goes up like a tutu. I think we wear them because it takes the pressure off of having to worry about flashing people. And the cheerleaders wear them under our skirts to avoid lines from the leotards.

    • Yeah that's a real good idea you wear shorts underneath from what you said above. What kind of shorts do you wear?

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    • Ok just using whatever is there at the time :p

    • Is it always that you wear shorts underneath or only under certain skirts/dresses?

  • That's fine, but I would be a little concerned about a guy who's respect for woman varies according to what underwear the wears.

    I wear them sometimes but not often.

  • I don't care. I don't wear shorts like that, they're uncomfortable. Also, why do you respect a girl more if she wears shorts underneath her dresses and skirts? Seems like quite the trivial thing to base your respect on imo. Otherwise I really don't care.

    • It would allude to her being conservative about how she dresses. He respects her conservativeness

    • Yeah basically what redtide said but I don't just place all my respect on a girl based on that.

    • Good, because I've never really met a girl who wears shorts like that, at least on a regular basis. And I've never really noticed a correlation between shorts and level of conservativeness either. I have met lots of conservative girls who wear regular underwear under their skirts and dresses.

  • This is a really weird thing to be concerned about. No shorts under my dresses/skirts. The point of the dresses and skirts is that they are cooler(temp wise) and more comfy. Plus then there would be weird lines... It's not like I'm running around in dresses that are too short... They're modest enough.

    • Not really concerned just after opinions I guess.

  • Weird

  • I don't much care what he wants or likes!

  • This is kinda weird and creepy but at least you arn't obsessed with underwear like most creepy guys so it's not that bad.

    I always wear spandex shorts under my skirt to keep creeps from seeing my booty and underwear. I just feel secure with them on. Personally I wouldn't really care if you did see my shorts under my skirt.

    • I guess it is a bit creepy and most people don't seem to care either.

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    • *from creepy guys.

    • Ok then fair enough.

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  • why do you keep posting this?

  • thats such an overly specific question. that literally, is not considered by anyone in terms of other people


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