Guy friends douche bags after gaining Muscle, What is it about gaining muscle that makes us Guys douche bags?

I have my own theory but ever since leaving high school, there have been a couple of people that I remained friends with.

They were a variety of different body types, most were average bodied. One was really skinny, about my height (6ft) and about 150lbs. He never had a girlfriend, he was fun to be around, a humble guy and not bad people.

They've worked at quite a bit since, taking protein and building muscle. They now reguarly go out clubbing and I've been out with them a few times. They're totally different than what I used to know. Definitely more full of themselves, they over expose their body. Flirt by telling girls to feel their muscles or lick them and sleep with around 2 girls or more a week and ditch them.

They've basically turned into complete douche bags, the thing is I'm more muscular in terms of definition. I just don't go the gym and I never even take my top of or let random girls touch me.

The girls definitely girve them attention through being douche bags they love them now whereas prior to going the gym, they were so different.

Does anyone have experiences like this? why do some people struggle so hard to be humble


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    It's not just muscles, it's power in general.

    Power has a way of testing and revealing a person's true integrity.

    What happens when the average guy gets rich? He often spends it on cars and women and money. He forfeits his integrity and soul for coin.

    Same thing when a guy gets a chiseled body, he begins to use it to his advantage. Same thing with a woman with good looks.

    There are very few people who's integrity remains intact when given power, in whatever form it may be.

    • Political power, oh that's especially a good one.

    • Aye. The world has gone to shit not because people are inherently bad, but because they're morally lazy and sloppy.

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  • Usually the supplements they take when they are on a vigorous workout regimen can raise testosterone levels. Higher test levels can affect men quite a bit, with mood and labido. It's the same as when a woman has higher level of estrogen she can become more emotional, crying, irritable (PMS for instance). It's medically proven hormones can affect our moods, and in some cases change our behaviors. This coupled with the confidence from being fit and the reaction from women, and the fact that this attention is all new to them creates the perfect storm.

    • i don't know if it's true to blame it on testosterone levels. I think some people are better with dealing with testosterone then others, there are some people who look fat as hell but actually do go the gym. They usually look fat but with a muscular type of look, some of them go crazy when they're drunk wanting fights with anyone. you can be really musucular and tones up and not be a douche bag. i.e gsp or frank mir

    • Not a GSP fan, I like Weidman myself. You are right, some men handle it no problem, others get lunkhead. Some men get ripped and others get stronger with not a lot of outward change. Some women handle estrogen fluctuations fine and others bawl incessantly, buy too many shoes, and eat chocolate. It's just a theory, and no the test alone prob wouldn't do it, but when you add the other factors and his lack of experience with a lot of female attention it may be more "power" than he was ready for.

    • i just used gsp as an example. he's shreaded lol. but yeah, I don't know this person any more. I don't want to be his mate, I can't see him changing his attitudes, at least not any time soon. he's always talking about fucking them now and ditches them. so different then he used to be

  • Hormones

  • Because these jerks know they can get laid now.


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  • Why would they be humble when women throw themselves at their douche baggery? Those women do nothing but encourage it. They all deserve all they get. You stay humble, find yourself a good woman, and let them douche bags/sluts spread STDs.

    • They're not the same people I used to know. so different. It's hard to even want to remain friends with them any more.

  • Opportunity.

    That or roids.

  • Exercise leads to more testosterone.


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