Muscular guys in college?

I have been lifting weights for 7 years. Not trying to be a true bodybuilder but I look gym enough for anyone to mention that I look like I lift. Almost everyone says.

The thing is. I'm in biology. I have a 3.57 GPA atm. Could go lower or higher since the classes I'm taking are harder but I know better know but still. I know it's not high enough to enter post bach schools but I'll try my best and I think with everything I do and trying to do more than just a student makes up for it. Too boring, common and linear to be just a great college student.

Do people think muscular guys are not capable of doing what I'm doing right now? I can say I only met one guy who studies science who has ripped but when he got a girlfriend he stopped. He had different reasons to lift weights. Maybe he stopped beleiving in that. Maybe he told his girlfriend about and she told him it was shallow but that's still there are scarce muscular guys out there who study science.

Any other non science career can be as hard but people judge IQ way more on science careers but whatever past thing led them to.

I laso break dance. I would say I am good enough to be called a break dancer but for me I still have 70% of getting better at it.

Now my question is. Is being muscular a problem in college with hitting the girls? Do they think I'm too muscular to be that intelligent? Even taking organic chemistry they might think... well he probably got a C on chemistry, barely passing it. Do they find me dumb, intimidating? For a guy that has lift weights for 7 years I think I'm in the top 10% least douche bags list.



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  • You're over-thinking this. Way way way WAY over-thinking this.

    First of all, as a scientist, you should know better. This is a case where the larger data set is irrelevant. You are you, and, honestly, who the hell cares what everyone else is doing?

    Second, you seem to be assuming that standing out from the crowd is a BAD thing. Yep, you went there. You think that "not looking like everyone else" = bad.
    This is worrisome. You seem to lack a sense of core identity. Yeah, obviously there are standards, and, yeah, obviously you can't be TOO much of a weirdo... but, at the same time, you shouldn't try to be the mode of every statistical distribution.

    Third, I think your observations are flawed to start with. "Getting ripped" takes a certain kind of nerdiness. You have to have a nerdy understanding of the human body, and you have to have a nerdy obsession with counting calories and macros. I'm a fitness model/competitor myself, and the only reason I'm good at it is because I'm a GIANT nerd.
    I mean... at age 18 it's different. That's the age when all you have to do is get up, move around a bit, not get drunk off yr ass every weekend, and eat a vegetable every now and then. At THAT age, there are gna be a lot of meatheads who aren't too bright in the brain.

    But, by mid-twenties? Thirty, mb? Most of the "ripped" men are gna be pretty nerdy, dude.

    ***IF*** girls are turned off by yr #gymlife -- which is unlikely, by the way -- then it's gna be one of 2 things.
    #1, you might just be placing way too much of a priority on it. I mean, hobbies and such are fine; obsessions, not so much. Most girls want a man who's pretty chill about the things he does, and who has time. Time for HER, lol.
    #2, you might be putting that foot forward in a way that makes you seem insecure. Like you have to prove something.

    Honestly, I think it's probably #2. There are dudes who have nice bodies and just walk around like other dudes... but then there are dudes who have nice bodies but walk around flaunting it, as though they have to prove a point to the world. In the same, sickening, turn-off way as guys who drive around flashing $$$ all the time. Ya know?

    You might want to think about those things, and think about whether those are the real explanation.

    • I'm not saying doing it. I just have seen too much people say, well you should focus 100% on studies and blah blah. You don't have time for this and in the end I might seem the only one that manages time greatly or at least one of the best?

      Last semester was bad because of my parents separating but I still managed time to do everything and in the end I lost one class and one class with one less letter I tried to at least (my fault, parents fault and teacher fault).

    • Eh. Those people are just... saying things. Their mouths are open, so they have to say SOMETHING. lol

      With certain notable exceptions, school really should not be THAT ridiculously hard or time-consuming.
      You hit the nail on the head - most people just suck at efficiency.

      Most people continue to suck at efficiency all their lives, too. As a freelancer, I'm nothing short of appalled at how even busy professionals act as though their time is not a precious commodity.

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  • Girls love muscular men; if you are smart, that is an added bonus. You will surprise them if they think you are another dumb jock.


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  • you sound like a cool guy that has a life besides his studies and thats far from being something bad. I personally think is stupid to group people, you are who you are, you dont need to be like everyone else. Being a biology student doesn't mean you have to be locked at your house reading, biology is just one of your interests (a really cool one by the way :P) and its totally fine to have others.
    if you ask me, the last thing I'd think if u are muscular is that u are not intelligent
    dont make this a big deal coz its not :)

  • I don't think girls think of intelligent when they first see a guy or talk to him, the first thing that pops up is
    "Wow he's hot"
    "Is he a douche"
    "He looks like a douche"

    • well I hate wearing no sleeve shirts. I have should acne to the point it's half red/pink. Still I wouldn't wear them. STill hate them.

      The most revealing thing I wear is a sweat t-shirt.

    • Acne goes away! Make sure you wash it and use acne cream on it.

      Girls shouldn't mind it to much, from the sounds of it your body is hot and it can be overlooked easily

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