Cartilage piercing question.

so I got a cartilage piercing near Christmas, it's a ear/helix piercing, in around a month I can change the earring to another post earring but I'm a little confused about post sizing...

i got it done at Claire's and I'm pretty sure they use a standard 18g...but most of the earrings I've seen, I think even the ones at Claire's start at 16g...

I don't want to stretch my ear, are 16g OK to wear? I figured since it's pretty much the only size available it would be ok...but I just want to double check. and would I still be able to wear the original earrings I got it pierced with after switching to 16g?

any advice would be appreciated,

i'm seeing a lot of 20g too


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  • 1. Don't go to Claire's. They're not professional piercers and piercings should never be done with a gun, only with needles. Especially cartilage piercings, since they're quite fussy.

    2. Don't change your piercing for at least 9 months, you will regret it if you do. Cartilage piercings get infected really easily and they also develop bumps easily.

    3. Don't force a bigger earring through. It won't fit and it will heavily damage the cartilage, setting you up for an infection.

    4. Stretching cartilage is tricky, since you have to let it heal fully before stretchering it and it has to heal fully in between stretches. So you'll first have to wait up to a year for it to heal and then 9 months in between stretches.

    5. 16 g is indeed the standard size for cartilage piercings and Claire's gave you the wrong size. One more reason to only go to professional piercers. You're better off letting it close up and going to a professional piercer after one year.

    6. If you stretch your piercing to 16 g, you will be able to wear 18 g, but your hole will become smaller and after a few hours, you won't be able to put 16 g in again. When you get a piercing, only wear one size, you can't switch back and forth constantly.

    • 1. it's too late for that. didn't know that at the time, just got it done. but I haven't had any problems.

      4. I am not trying to stretch it at all.

      5. I called them and they said they pierce with an 18g, but all of their normal earrings are 18g. I really like it though and I'm definitely not just going to let it close and get it repierced

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    • also what does it mean if it's labeled "fake" or "cheater" are those just mock expander earrings?

    • Stretching your cartilage is different from stretching your lobes. It's not just skin, so you need to do it slower and be extra careful. That's why I said it will take a few weeks. The other information is correct. Also, there are 16g expanders, it's right there in the picture link

      I don't know what fake or cheater expanders are. Just make sure it's of titanium or surgical steel and you'll be fine.

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  • Go to a professional piercing place, not Claire's. They'll be able to answer your questions and give you the proper gauge.


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