Let's Talk about Seduction

You know the twinge, the hair raising, anxiety laden magic, the kind you get you get when you're under someone's spell. The knowing your being lured and nevertheless going. The throbbing heart, the subtle shortness of breath, the suppressed excitement owing to their presence.

What's it all about? Why does it feel like you're playing a game?

Seduction is soft, nuanced, and enticing. Seduction is sometimes an observant eye, sometimes a bold gesture. Part of it feels improvisational. Seduction is perhaps the most fascinating form of self expression.

Seduction is having a conversation about nothing, about trivial things, about uneventful moments. The words don't need to matter. In fact it's even better that they be meaningless. You'll say that's shallow, you'll say that's no way to make a rational decision.

I'll reply that your analytics are depriving you of a crucial function.

You lack self expression because you're stuck in your head. You even go as far as to call the game an outlandish waste of time, something only to be carried out by the foolish.

You want simplicity. You want rational connections based on mutual interests. You want the predictability and reliability of someone who is entirely similar. You want someone direct, someone who has moved beyond 'petty games'. Yet if someone sitting next to you, someone you've just met, suddenly tells you that you're terribly important, that they care for you deeply, you're in utter shock. The presentation is displeasing. You think to yourself, how lazy, how callous! What's missing?

This person has offended you somehow, slighted you in someway. How? They've reduced the entire seductive process into a few words and they thought this, this, was sufficient. Unacceptable. The seductive mindset is adaptive, flexible, highly intriguing. There is only one rule.

Never reveal the secret. At least never directly by words.

What am I talking about?

Picture yourself in room. He's right next you, he's piqued your interest. He looks at you, says it's awfully hot outside. Yet you know he said it just to say something. Moreover he said it well, with style. He's silent again, waiting for the tension to build. You want to speak. You desperately want to respond with something equally as arbitrary. He knows this. He waits for you to fester. Right before you say something, he says he has feeling it will be a great day. You're angry. Furious. Frustrated. You have nothing to say. There's no real way to reply. He gives you a glance. Really locks in right on your eyes. It almost feels as if he's holding you. His eyes dash elsewhere. They refuse to look at you. He wants you to look at him. He wants to feel your eyes searching. Your eyes must see him. They peer just out of the corners at first. It's not good enough. You must have the full experience. Your eyes, they find his. An unspeakable satisfaction invades his soul.

And you have the audacity to call this petty, insignificant, banal?!

Play the game my friends. Humans are a wonderful treasure. Enjoy them, cherish them.


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  • Interesting, the intrigue is always the fun part oh, and great picture for the subject, Olivia Wilde is THEmost seductive woman on the planet!


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  • "You want simplicity. You want rational connections based on mutual interests. You want the predictability and reliability of someone who is entirely similar."

    Nope, not me. I'm a bit of a xenophile by nature. The more different you are from me, the more interesting I find you. The less I understand about you, the more I want to know.
    Connecting with someone based on similar interests and perspectives is nice, but exploring someone totally dissimilar is more intriguing.

    • I would definitely agree in some respects, knowledge of the unfamiliar helps you grow. Makes you more adaptive, more benevolent, and multifaceted.

  • Good !


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  • Let's talk about how Olivia Wilde used to be hot, but is now a mom so the dream is dead.

  • The banter, the teasing, the attempts at getting her to smile or even an innocent blush. Seduction is one of our basic needs to grow and enjoy others.

  • The only way to turn someone on is to be a perfect 10 as personality doesn't matter.