Ways to Meet Someone Great

Confidence and conversational skills are crucial for attracting someone beautiful and unique. Looking and feeling good definitely help you to be your best. If you are interested in someone, always remember his or her name.


Going to parties is always a good way to meet new people. If you have seen someone you are interested in, have a mutual friend introduce the two of you. This helps mask your intentions and avoid an awkward silence after introducing yourself.

Try having an interesting, stimulating conversation for a short amount of time and then excuse yourself to get another drink and mingle. Standing right beside someone the entire party may annoy him or her, and is not a good way to peek their interest in you. Flirt and play a little hard to get. Make sure you do not play too hard to get, you want to spend a fair amount of time with him or her.

When the party begins winding down, it is the perfect opportunity to ask him or her for a phone number. Do not drink too much. Drunkenness is not attractive.

"Do not drink too much. Drunkenness is NOT attractive!"

Although you will not meet women at wedding like in the movie Wedding Crashers, it is still a better place than many to meet an interesting man or woman. There are a few rules when going to a wedding hoping to meet someone.

Do not get drunk and do not spending the entire reception introducing yourself to every single woman there. You do not want to seem pathetic and desperate. Women are usually in a very good mood at a wedding, and maybe feeling a little romantic. This does not mean that they are looking to get married in the near future. What it means for men is that they will be more approachable, friendly, and fun to hang around.

Social Networks

You do not have to use dating sites to meet someone online. Most social networks have a “groups” feature and/or forums. Joining groups that interest you and participating in forum discussions of interest to you will introduce you to new people with some of the same hobbies and passions.

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College Courses

If you are a freshman, attend orientation before your first semester starts. Freshman orientation takes place during the summer and is a great way for freshman to get to know the campus and one another. If you are staying in a dorm or an apartment complex, attend events such as pool parties and dances. Make small talk with as many people as you can.

Join an organization and you will meet others with the same interests. Organizations will give you a chance to spend quality time with persons you find interesting.

Public Places (Coffee Shops, Book Stores, Grocery Stores, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, etc.)

Shopping centers are a great place to meet women. Not only are there women shopping everywhere, there are women working in all the stores. Approach women and begin conversations by asking things relevant to the store, such as advice about a particular item.

When hitting the grocery store it is best to go late at night. You are unlikely to run into housewives and married women this way.

Through Friends

Most people are leery of being set-up. Getting set-up through mutual friends though is not a bad idea. There must be a reason your friends thought the two of you should go out.

Knowing this, although you may not find love, you may make a wonderful friend. So keep an open mind and enjoy yourself. Do not behave as though you are just doing the matchmaker(s) a favor.
Ways to Meet Someone Great
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  • Yeahhbro
    I disagree with public places, those are the worst places to meet women. Women are often very weary of strangers that they know nothing about or that they come out of the cold like that. Only desperate women would go out with somebody they met on a random place as simple as that. 90% of relationships start in places where both HAD to meet or talk to each other like the rest of the places you mentioned.
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  • social_tag
    I didn't talk about online dating because I have written an article all about online dating that I will be posting. Thanks for all the great comments!
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  • rockingpianoman
    I agree with girlsareconfusing .. talking to a girl in a public place is OK , but asking her number has a really low chance of succes ...
  • Elaine1
    Through friends seems nice, but love things are too hard for just searching.
  • foolycooly1001
    Why did you not talk about online dating?