Communication skills; Do better!!

Communication skills; Do better!!

Fixing Communication Skills :How?

Here are a few tips and tricks I learned in highschool that you may or may not find helpful...

[For shy teens as per request]

1. Go with the flow

Following the group is perhaps the easiest way to feel included. Once inside, you matter.

2. Or be opinionated

I can't emphasis enough on how grown ups love the 'little ones' who have different ways of thinking.

Get acknowledged. A lot of people may fail to pull this off cuz it's slightly tricky...

Just don't directly insult their routines and you're coolness.

3. Use "good" in compliments

"Good weather isn't it?" And suddenly the elevator ride isn't awkward anymore. "Good dress!" works just fine. You don't have to look up positive adjectives online.

Slowly move towards : "fuck, that is amazing! High fives."

Mood matching can work too.

4. Have an extroverted friend

That you can count on.

Somebody that's got you no matter what. More the merrier is an awesome rule in terms of socializing, but try to have at least one person who isn't just a fair weathered friend.

They can even give you some pointers. You can tag them along. Try smiling and playing along with them, while also holding onto your identity.

5. Talk to one person a day, at least

You don't have to do it online but I guess it can be pretty helpful if you're rare talker & fast texter (like me lol)

6. Try commenting

Don't worry about coming off as rude. Reasonable rudeness can spike up your popularity level.

7. Relaxing is the best

Relaxed posture, laid back attitude, easy going nature... have at least one of these.

Short take,
Love anon1903

Communication skills; Do better!!
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  • JPrez
    It always helps to if your extroverted friend can throw you a bone, acknowledge you in some way and compliment a recent opinion you gave. This increases your value in the group. Great take!
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  • the_sinner
    They sound very helpful and informative.
    I'll try them for sure.
    Thank you.
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  • Joshua2332
    Good myTake. Best advice I've gotten was to compliment people. Everyone loves a nice compliment.
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  • Julious0202
    what would be the extroverts if there were no introverts and vice versa?
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  • AgentDearestZ
    Sounds like a good way to get canceled if you aren't warm to them or vice versa.
  • tofamous
    Wow that's really nice I like that good job
  • msc545
    Nice mytake, thanks!
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