What to do when you see a hottie looking at you [BRO YOU'LL FEEL GOOD WHETHER SHE REJECTS OR NOT]


Dude, have you ever seen a cutie, or any gal look directly at you for a few seconds when you're shopping, at school, On the street, waiting for a light, at a party or almost A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E?

What to do when you see a hottie looking at you [BRO YOULL FEEL GOOD WHETHER SHE REJECTS OR NOT]

Well I know you all have you sons of btches you! And what do you do when she looks at you? You probably look away casually first or second or go as far as smiling at her or giving some other lame expression and looking away... maybe down at your phone or at your friend...

Seconds later, you'll start thinking that she's hot and you COULD of gotten to know her more.

Well I have got a solution for you buddy. 2020, it's a swamp, no one flirts like a bad boy, bye bye to the greaser world. Deep down, girls like it. It's within her, she's either fighting it due to feminist ideas corrupting her brain (She's toast) or she doesn't know it!

Here is your solution in 3 steps, and what to do when she looks at you:

Step One

Make sure your hair looks good. Don't be a total loser in a GAP shirt or a f**k boy with a G-Star Raw. Wear a leather jacket once in a while, wear jeans for crying out loud. While having something like this going:

This my friend, is a Rockabilly Pompadour
This my friend, is a Rockabilly Pompadour

A rockabilly pompadour baby! GUESS who else has it?

This stage aint gonna wet itself!
This stage ain't gonna wet itself!

Elvis! He's been rocking this rockabilly pompadour forever now, making every girl that sees him wet. Even when he's dead. It's a scientific phenomenon. If you have this hairstyle then you're far more likely to score, especially with this method I'm gonna share next step.

Last word for step one: Show your stylist a picture of your favorite rockabilly pompadour style and get it done! If not do it yourself by searching up a tutorial on rockabilly pompadour on YouTube, or do both!

Step Two

Now here is what you should do when you see a girl looking at you...

Give her a flying kiss just like that
Give her a flying kiss just like that

[WARNING: It might feel weird, cringy, creepy, embarrassing to you the first few times but remember, repeating will improve it. And also remember, you are a man.]

Remember, cops have guns, with guns comes power, without it they are naked. Your c0ck is your gun, you got power. Do not be afraid of women. (Nor be too much of a douche)

Make the little smooch brief but slow enough but not too slow, be sexy. Don't do a weird horizontal duck face kiss, make it a nice round peck shape as in the picture. Maybe tune or modify from what's in that picture. Get it right, and it works. Practice it in the mirror!


Pretty Gay
Pretty Gay

Don't do this. ^ No hands. Please.

What's next?

Okay, so you do that sexy flirtacious smooch, what's next? She will have 4 reactions. Let's start off POSITIVE.


She likes your style
She likes your style
She wants to play
She wants to play

WHAT TO DO: Approach her 10-20 seconds after breaking the eye contact. Compliment her and then feel free to ask her for her Snap, Insta, Facebook, etc. But if you feelin' like you want to almost guarantee that she doesn't ghost you, get her number and rarely text her, call her instead. If she's really into you, she will chit chat. She will think you're different.


Id smash
I'd smash
Id smash too
I'd smash too

WHAT TO DO (Same text as the first reaction): Approach her 10-20 seconds after breaking the eye contact. Compliment her and then feel free to ask her for her Snap, Insta, Facebook, etc. But if you feelin' like you want to almost guarantee that she doesn't ghost you, get her number and rarely text her, call her instead. If she's really into you, she will chit chat. She will think you're different.


She looks away
She looks away

WHAT TO DO: This happens often but not too often, it's your call captain. It's a coin flip, It'd be easy to get away with her snapchat but most likely not her number. This is you dropping a hook in the water, girls will see it and look away like you would if a girl stared you down. It's totally natural and your chances aren't less! You got a fair shot. Go compliment her and ask for a social media. Phone number if you got nothing to lose in the situation.


"Ugh men"
"Ugh men"

WHAT TO DO: A lot of people in this world are too tensed up, too spoiled or feel victimized (feminists) or are just boring. Or having a bad day, or they can misinterpret your intentions. It's not your fault (as long as you don't do the smooch two times or act creepy by too much stares or follows or you're in a creepy setting) Just feel good about it, because she is scared of your "gun" (your penis) That's how I think of it. You just gotta go and repeat this action with other women and you'll see the drastic differences after one more or few! Now for the last simple step.

Step Three

Do this with every cutie that looks at you. Gives experience and confidence in your masculinity. And you'll be a charm.


Go live your dream while you're young and get all the fun, friend girls and girl friends and of course if you have bad luck during this, It makes for a funny story to tell. You got it hot shot, go.

Signing out,


What to do when you see a hottie looking at you [BRO YOU'LL FEEL GOOD WHETHER SHE REJECTS OR NOT]
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  • Bat-Perv
    What to do when you see a hottie looking at you [BRO YOU'LL FEEL GOOD WHETHER SHE REJECTS OR NOT]
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    • o0Oo0Oo0Oo0Oo0Oo0Oo0Oo0O she's a hottie ain't she

    • Bat-Perv

      How. u have baby batter was spilled to this before internet porn

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  • virtue2332
    Right I wouldn't blow a kiss in the air either but It is better than doing absolutely nothing and leaving the what ifs in your head. People are strange sometimes and are so afraid to know the truth out of fear of being wrong or being rejected that they fail to do anything but complain about not getting the things they like. The ugly guy with the hot girl took a lot of chances didn't give up and kept on going until he found the one
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    • True that. In freshman year in high school, I had an overgrown buzz cut which was all over the place and a bunch of pimples on my face, with blue cargo pants and a white shirt. A hot latina still had a crush on me and I sent her notes, lots of them. She then insulted and told the messenger guy "I wish he could just get up and talk to me instead of this". We sat together in History, I looked down or pretended to sleep just so I wouldn't melt looking at her. Shit man, I was such a loser but got my way now. Became an Elvis fan, did my hair his way. Then I trained my esteem by going out with friends and going up to groups of girls or a girl asking "wanna fvck?" and some said SURE with giggles and gave me snap, and some tried to hit me and some called the police. But i did it so much that I gained confidence to say anything and wave my cock around (figuratively at first ofc). Now I just teach the boys how to do it ALMOST fail proof from my OVERCOOKED experience.

      The last part you said about the ugly guy finding the one, you talking about your story or just something in general?

    • Ha ha, I'm not ugly. U to have a similar story. I wasn't confident when I was in. High School but it changed when I went into the Air Force. To make a long story short I'm colorblind so my list of jobs was short. I ended up in the best place possible for a young single guy that the Airforce has. I went to Wichita Falls Texas to begin training in their medical program. Nursing EMT A medic if you're familiar with the military. I lived in a coed dorm. One of 5 guys in a class of 40 women. That program was 21 weeks long with a new batch of girls arriving weekly and one on their way out. I was 18 most of them were in their mid to late 20s. Just a fine group of gals. They taught me a lot. Best time of my life. I have a lot of life long friends from those days. I guess just being around them so much it became easier to talk to them. When I got out I went into sales and learned the numbers game. Like you said you could pretty much say whatever you wanted and someone would bite. I learned early on though you better be able to perform and do what you said you could. I messed up one time and that was enough. I was talking some crazy half-joking shit to this hot Puerto Rican gal that was a few years older and she fucking showed up at my door that night had me stuttering and shit. When I had a little performance anxiety she climbed on up and sat in my face and put me to work until she good.

    • Man you got quite the interesting history, if it wasn't for covid I'd join military too bc it sounds fun but I don't want to anymore bc I hate the mask bs and all those vaccine regulations. And dude that's hot, I did porn and still do haha Nothing big though just a small fanbase. Tried everything there is and now nothings interesting anymore and its hard to get turned on, causes performance anxiety. I aged sexually to my peak at 19 now, great. But now what? ya know what I mean lol

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  • Napoli
    Never blow her an air kiss, it's creepy. Just smile and/or wink at her.

    I've always gone for careless haired, dishevelled builder/ mechanic types over someone who lookea refined and perfect all the time.
    If you do you are effortlessly flawless looking, get some ink somewhere.
    Everyone is more interesting when they have an edge.
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    • Femie.

    • Napoli

      I really should have proof read this before I posted! I've written like an imbecile!

      What's "femie" about prefering a wink? It will get a smile out of her no matter what. She won't be able to help it.
      There is also nothing wrong with liking rugged looks. It's so sexy... but then again, I don't know how old you are... if you are in your teens, your way makes sense for people your age.

    • Girl, It works on women any age. As my old man always said, "A MILF is once upon a time, was always a BILF" Never knew what it means exactly until he told me B stands for Babe.

  • CrazyGirl2
    Oh, dear god! Yeah, you sure do have us modern girls figured out... nothing gets me wetter than a guy wearing clothes and a hairstyle that went out of fashion 50-60 years ago! Ooooh, I’m positively moist with anticipation! Lol 😂
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    • That's just you, Ms. GenZ.

      FYI, Modern means a fukboi with curly hair and some weird girly tight on the bottom sweatpants and a hoodie with well done eyebrows at a "mens salon" (Super gay) and some airpods in his ears looking for a money sucking leech of a woman on Instagram. while he can't even see or hear you...

    • Wow.. you really do have ME figured out! Yep, all I want is a guy’s money, I mean... oh wait! My mom is the head of emergency medicine at the hospital she works at, and my dad is one of the heads of IT for Disney, and I’ll be following in my mothers’ footsteps next fall and going pre-med in college. And yet, even though I COULD a have a new car every year like most of my friends, my ‘95 Jeep Wrangler was built my my father and I in the six months prior to my 16th birthday! (I even built the LT1 engine myself... sure, my dad helped me out a bit, but the manual was pretty straight forward, and it wasn’t really THAT difficult). Also... my boyfriend doesn’t have a car, because he is being raised by a single mother who cannot afford to buy him a car, and even IF he bought himself a car, they can’t afford the insurance! So of ALL the girls on GAG, you REALLY picked the wrong one to try THAT INCEL bullshit on! Oh, and FYI Modern means: Relating to the present or recent times, as opposed to the remote past. With the sum total of of mankind’s knowledge at my fingertips, I couldn’t find ONE definition for modern which included the word “fukboi”? I gotta tell you, receiving a failed attempt at an insult from a functionally illiterate INCEL... well, it’s actually more humorous than biting!

    • Damn that's cool. I hope you're telling the truth though bc that's dope when you have all this engineering knowledge around cars. I'm trying to build my own version of Harley Davison myself but it's hard with me being not that savvy and all! Still like half way done... But no I'm not insulting you, I'm insulting modern douchebag society we live in.

      This article is about getting a little fling, or an actual relationship with unlimited fling! Girl, my whole life of getting girls or getting them to chase me was hell. I tried everything, and I mean everything. To the point where I got to find this universal "pantie lock combination" which is in this article. It brought me over 15 different women in 2 years, I slept with 6. One of those 6 was actually 35! She's almost twice my age and she was a big dare which I am proud I've done. And there's girls like you. Who don't budge from this universal pantie code combination haha. But god damn! The odds are good enough otherwise!

      PS. I felt cranky and was in a bad mood when I wrote my last reply to you

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  • Nina12346
    this is a nice mytake made me giggle a little, to me it all boils down to personality, doesn't matter how cute or hot you are, its what's on the inside that matters, are you nice? how do you treat people? how do you treat women? how do you treat animals? how are you as a person? you know?
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    • Haha thanks, glad you found this entertaining! Yes Nina, this post talks about the book cover, how you present yourself, the hook. But deep down, yes it's common sense that any person shouldn't be an asshole.

    • Nina12346

      exactly, and you're most welcome!

  • Myk13
    Great MyTake. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve always done the kiss or a wink, both with a smile. They almost always smile and look down. I wait for them to look back up at me and that’s when I approach them. Depending on her, I compliment her or I’ll say something silly. Many times I have embarrassed myself, but never has that ended the conversation. I believe that confidence is the key. Not to be confused with arrogance. And never expect anything. Just have fun.
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    • Thanks! And perfect mentality! Never expect anything from anyone or anything. Especially when it comes to girls. If you're happy be neutral, if you're upset be neutral, that way you'll be real balanced.

  • kespethdude
    The only time I get looked at is when they are about to say "what the fuck are you looking at?" But I look away before they get a chance. Also, I'm usually wearing headphones at the time.
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    • I feel you dude, used to be my case 5 years ago. Not anymore, do what this MyTake says and I am sure as hell you'll be amazed haha

  • Smegskull
    No I haven't. Women don't like to look at me for long. I've been told my expression makes them uncomfortable, like a spider. Even my yearbook pic had a most likely to be a serial killer type comment (can't remember the exact words).
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    • That is why, you grease up, get your hair done and work on your smooches and smiles. Facial hair, if used correctly does complete a face and make you look more attractive than a shaved man. Trust me, I know actual fat creeps in my life who happen to also be my friends. They are doing just fine! Make over. And of course some balls. You can do it!

    • Smegskull

      Why would I do all that? I neither shave nor have facial hair.

    • If you want girls you gotta work on yourself. Leverage.

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  • Avicenna
    Good job!
    i smile at her and go talk to her if possible
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  • AdmiralSirJohn
    I'm sorry, but no, I will not feel good. When I see a hottie, I feel ROTTEN, because I know I have absolutely no chance of being anything better than friendzoned. 100%, I will get no futher. I've even had hookers friendzone me.
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  • anewme
    My ex landlord and ex ex ex ex ex boss both tall latinas super hot flirting several times I was God for a few seconds several times they'd stare me up and down a few seconds i was hot piece of meat to taste to them
    • Wow man, that's a lot of was. How about now?

    • anewme

      Oh lol ok 2 was. well I shot my shot landlord said not this weekend my young 20 son in town staying with me i want spend a lot time with him before he leave country again maybe later. then later never happened we still talked a lot and our dating lives... She wanted tall white guy i was like oh... Ex ex boss when us 1 co worker and I had accident and we both highly compensated with money for other at fault driver she wrote great excuse letter for me even tho my co worker had most of injury she included to call me in her office with tight dress as usual she said here's my personal # lmk anything you need i mean anything. I texted lets go out nothing happened.. i wasn't aggressive enough... i seen them both constantly they just wanted a quick bang prolly lol

    • Man the English is rusty, barely understood you. Probably the translator? But i think I got most of it, I know that type of woman who want dick real quick and will use you and then throw you under the bus. That's the women our moms tell us to stay away from haha

  • Dear Lord.
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  • Sevenpointfive
    i ask myself "is this burning an etertal flame"? if yes then i will talk to her
  • Phoenix98
    Can't say I've had the pleasure.
  • Sualina
    This made me laugh XD
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  • z玲珑剔透
    If you like it, take the initiative
  • Anonymous
    80% of the time it works every time.
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    • Sure does brother. Works and works but sometimes things fail too. Tried it on a femie once, she flipped. She was a redhead on a Q train, her big black boyfriend chased me down the subway staircase and I got lost in the crowds haha.