If a guy asks you to homecoming, does that mean he likes you?

My friend asked me to go to homecoming with him... We're really good friends, but I don't know if he likes me or not... I like him, and a few months ago one of my friends mentioned to him that we should date. he's been more flirty since then and stuff, and when he called to ask me to homecoming, he sounded nervous. If he just thought of me as a friend, would he be nervous? He had a lot of other girls he could have asked, but he chose me, does that mean anything?


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  • Just because he asked you to homecoming doesn't mean that he likes you. However, if he asked you nervously then most likely your intuition has proved correct. I think he does like you. Make sure you compliment him on homecoming night and tell him that he looks really good. I hope this helps.


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