Do you guys think I should give up on my crush?

We're in middle school. He's my crush. Ok, so I think I should give up on my crush because sometimes I feel like he's ignoring me because he haven't been talking to me lately and we usually talk like a lot to each other. Sometimes he'll talk to me though. But the reason why I asked this question is because it's this girl that's my friend and my crush always talking to her and playfully arguing with her. He always just goes up to her and talks to her but he never does that to me. When he thinks that somethings wrong with her he goes up to her but when there's something wrong with me (if it is something wrong with me) he just avoids me. But at lunch and in classes he's always looking at me and then when I look at him he either keeps staring or looks away. One time after we had lunch I was waiting for my teacher to open her door and my crush had came and he just nodded his head and smiled at me. Also, my friend had caught him staring me because I was looking at something and I heard my friend say "You just be staring at that girl" and my crush was like "No I don't" and my friend was like "Yes you do". I think he treats me a little different then my friend that's a girl because he's always nice to me and making me laugh and showing off a lot around but not to the girl that's my friend. I really don't wanna give up on my crush but I think I should but I really don't know. So, do you guys think I should give up on my crush. Please, no negative comments I just want yalls opinions.
Do you guys think I should give up on my crush?
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