How to get an upperclassman to like you/ask you out?

Okay so I've had a crush on this sophomore for basically half a year now. (I'm a freshman btw) and I currently have one class with him. I was just crushing on him since the begining of the school year without talking to him at first, but one of his friends in the class approached me and now we're friends.. I don't have his number I just know his name and maybe some of his classes through small talk in class but lately he's been moving to sit next to me because he needs to see the board better (he usually sits in the left corner of the class) and I want to take this opportunity to be know him better or at least get his number so we can keep in touch or something because I probably won't be in the same class as him next year and this year is like 25% over :-( how do I get him to like me or approach me more so I can talk to him more? I'm pretty shy when it comes to the guy I like and most of them don't get the hint that I like them. Because of that, I really don't have experience with boys. Also, I need some feedback from guys, what are some things that girls do that guys like and do you prefer underclassmen or upperclassmen or people your own age? Please don't tell me to just be myself because that honestly didn't really work for me and I don't want to mess it up with this guy...
How to get an upperclassman to like you/ask you out?
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