How to encourage a guy to ask you out?

And no, I can't ask him out, he's the kind of guy that while it'll take a lot of courage to ask a girl out (he's very private, outgoing, but private), he'd rather do it than the girl ("man card"). How can I encourage him in knowing that I won't reject him? I know he likes me, but he's taking forever!


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  • drop him a few hint, throw him a bone, ask him if he wants to hang, and see if he follows up

    • Thanks! I asked him to coffee with me last week, and it went GREAT, so we'll see! Could you elaborate on hints?

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  • Good grief, you seem to know so much about him yet you don't know how to encourage him?

    Why can't you ask him so it seems like him asking you? Like, "wow, I really wish I had someone to take me to see Mockingjay Part 1"

  • Good question... lol. WHY THE HELL IS HE TAKING FOREVER?

  • Im 16, maybe i can talk more about it with you. ill be more then helpfull. Kik me @ kirito._16_. kun


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  • Why do you want someone who is playing the entitlement card. I wouldn't expect double standards to stop at who asks who out.

    he's already got you doing extra work. you could have asked him out in ten seconds or less virtually no time taken out of your life. instead you are on here plotting. its really childish that he can't be gracious about you making an effort.

    i think if he likes you he should be glad you are willing to make a move. if him asking is more important than having a chance with you., then he doesn't like 'you' he just likes feeling like he can control the situation.

    is this really the kind of relationship you want where you have to think over time to figure out how to do or say otherwise simple things, just to get him to think its his idea.

    this is an example of (some) guys saying ALL guys are simple and women should stop thinking and just act and be direct. when in reality they if you are direct you get rejected b-c he does not feel in control... or scheme and get accused of playing games.

    id just ask him out. if he says no move on. maybe you are wrong about him and hell be happy you asked. and if not you are better off without him.

    if he likes you he does not need you to play games.

    if you really like him you should not want to play games.

    if you like yourself you should not feel like you have to play games.

    take his card away so he can't use it. its not a productive card, its just a drag. guys will keep using it until its declined. and confiscated.