Why is my ex talking to my friends still...when he is ignoring me?

my ex boyfriend broke up with me about a month and a half ago... he texted me and didn't even tell me in person...so I let I go. he said he wanted to be friends. and being dumb I believed him. so I talked to him once after seeing him when I went out to lunch. that was fine. awkward but later that weekend I texted him and told him I didn't care and that I just wanted to be friends. he said he was happy and it was good we were going to be friends. so I let a few weeks go by and he Facebook chatted me. we talked for a bit... then signed off very fast. I Facebooked him a few weeks later.. and then recently I went to visit my friend and saw her phone. she told me se didn't need to talk to him because he wasn't talking to me.. but I found her phone and of course there she was talking to him. it irritated me and I told her. she got p*ssed and told me I was over reacting. another two of my friends both have said that he has tried talking to them too. and turns out my roomate just got a text from him saying how is everyone... I don't know why it gets me p*ssed off but I wanted to tell him that he couldn't have it both ways ... he can't not talk to me and talk to all my friends its not fair. I know life isn't fair. but. seriously. this is stupid. I mean why can't he just talk to me? its not like I am holding a grudge or I am being stalkerish... I just want to be his friend? or in all honesty. I want to know why he can talk to my friends ((who he only knows because of me)) but can't talk to me. its like he forgot I exist.

anyone have any ideas? its hurting my feelings a bit... ik now he isn't worth this.. but I just. don't get it.



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  • my ex boyfriend does the same thingg. but he flirts with themm!

    then after we broke up ifound out he went out with my best friend..

    well there's this girl so called "friend" [shes a twin] that he met through me,

    and he started talking to her and they always flirt but they only text never

    see each other but it still bugs me.

    and then ihad told her sister [twin] to tell her to quit talking to him and she was like

    what the hell why? and then she texted him saying that itold her not to talk to

    him anymore and his reply was She's Full Of It. then she said iknow! is cus she was afraid iwould do or say something to her, and he replied saying ah sexy agressive ilike that (; like wtf.

    and then iwas talking to her sister the one I'm friends with and she itold her iwas gonna talk

    to the one that talks to my ex. and she texted her saying iwas, and she replied saying Fuck the bitch idont want to hear her Bullsh*t!

    if anything ishould be the one that's mad not her, well she's a hoe so ireally don't care..

    ijust don't know why guys do thiss?

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