How do I look "accidentally" slutty?

Some examples are:

wearing a black bra and pretending I didn't realise my top was see through

Wearing a knee length skirt at work but "accidentally" letting it slide half way up my thighs when I sit down and pretending I haven't noticed so that I don't have to pull it down to my knees again.

Bending over while wearing short shorts pretending I don't realise that my ass cheeks are showing.

Reaching up high over my head for something so that my top lifts up over my belly button.

Does anyone have any other ideas? The main focus is to make it look accidental. Thanks!
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Another one I thought of, eating a banana while making strong eye contact lol.
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Some more ideas :
On a windy day wear a very light material kinda skirt that blows up in the wind - wear a g-string underneath lol.
Walking up stairs wearing a mini skirt when you know people are standing below you.
Pretend my shirt button "accidentally" came undone - oops!
How do I look "accidentally" slutty?
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