Please convince me that he's never coming back?

I'm probably going to cry when I read the responses, but I need a SERIOUS reality check. Here's my original story: link

Since then, I've been a complete wreck.

For the first few weeks, I sent him an apology card, email, called a few times, and met up with him again. We've talked and each time he's said (nicely) that it's over. The last time we talked he said he evaluated the relationship: he misses me dearly but just doesn't think we are right for each other. He concluded this from disagreements we had before the breakup. He also said that he fell out of love months ago. (This is the same guy who was saying "I love you" up until break up day.) Is this true?

After that final talk, I was upset since he had kept these thoughts from me during our relationship. I emailed him calling him out for something he did in June (long story) and asking him to continue removing pictures of me from his website (which he initiated weeks earlier). That spurred him to throw away everything in his apartment that reminded him of me, including photos we took together, etc. Days later, I asked him to mail me my belongings. (I mailed his stuff back already.) He didn't respond so I texted, no response, so another email. He eventually mailed the stuff with a note saying he threw away most of my belongings already.

Anyway, since then, I've stopped contacting him. It's clear he wants nothing to do with me right now. However, I can't get it out of my head that he'll come around in a few months or a year. Months ago he said I had stolen his heart, he's the luckiest man, he'd be there through the good times and bad, we'd be together forever, etc. We had plans well into next summer. This was his longest, most loving relationship (according to him). He was crying each time we talked after the breakup. I just feel like if I leave him alone, he'll come around. I don't buy his conclusion that we're not right for each other and that he fell out of love. I think he's just hurt about what I did and time will hopefully heal him and bring him back.

Please give me a REALITY CHECK. I accept that this is over right now, but convince me that it's over FOR GOOD? I SERIOUSLY need a reality check.
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Thanks for your responses.
Please convince me that he's never coming back?
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