My crush doesn't like me anymore.

my crush told me how he used to like me but not can I "make" him like me again?


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  • you can't really make anyone feel anything.

    however, you can try a little reverse psychology. Try moving on and finding someone else to focus on. Focus on you, on school, and maybe another boy. He may start to think "wow she moves on fast" and try to win you back. Either way, you will be moving on, and who knows, you may find someone better.

    I have had a crush for about 1 year. He is in 9 grade and I am in 8 grade. I told many people I like him and he found out. He started looking at me a lot. This year, like in July, he started talking to my best friend. He told her that he liked me and that he wanted to show his feelings. My friend told me about this so I was very happy. One day I asked him to be in a party with me and he said yes! (the problem is that we dont talk) The day of the party, he was hiding from me! I felt terrible. After that he continued looking at me. One day I sent him a letter telling him that my friend told me that he loved me, and when he read it he said it wasn't true. My friend had showed me screenshots about their conversations and he deny it! His birthday was in September 6, so I gave him a card and cake. He just said thank you. I sent him a message in Facebook telling: *Happy birthday I hope you continue getting older! I love you so muchhh. Have a nice day* He just said *thank you, the same* WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? he loves me or what? Over this week he tried to avoid me and he doesn't look at me anymore! WHAT IS HAPPENING?

    THANK YOU FOR READING, I hope you answer!