Still in love, not dating but still sleeping together? What good can come out of this?

So me and my three year boyfriend broke up for about six months. We started to communicate recently, met up a couple times and on the third "meeting" we couldn't control ourselves and just ended up in bed together. It was oh so good, only because it was wrong.

We both come to the realization that we still love each other but our relationship won't get better because we both can't see past our own issues in the relationship.

I'm gonna be honest now, I still love him. Would love to try to make it work but it takes two people in order to do that.

He keeps telling me that if we just back into it, we will just end up in the same situation as before, broken up. Now I'm not trying to make excuses (maybe a little) but he says he doesn't want to get back together because he doesn't have his life in order (he is not happy with his job and they don't make him feel appreciated). He feels that he can't even provide for himself right now so how will he be able to provide for me? I can see how frustrating this can be for a man. You wanna be the "alpha male" but can't. On that note, he says he can't be with me but still calls me everyday, texts me good morning and good night. Still goes out to the bars with his friends like he is single but is trying to spend almost everyday he can with me? He tells me that he isn't looking for anything with anyone else and can't stop complimenting me on the days where I look good. He even shows PDA when we go out? He is acting like a boyfriend but talks like he is disinterested? What is it that he is really wanting from me?

Friends with benefits? Just a comfortable "session" to get him by until he finds someone he is interested in? Am I being used? I heard that when a man wants to get back together with his ex he won't come out and say it right away until he is sure it is what he really wants, but I don't want to wait around for him to come around either... Help someone. Shed some light on me and help me figure out what to do with this guy...
Still in love, not dating but still sleeping together? What good can come out of this?
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