Why does he only talk to me when I ignore him?

There is a guy that I work with. He speaks spanish and I speak english. He also works two jobs. I know enough spanish to understand almost everything he says. It takes me a few seconds to figure it out but for the most part we can communicate. (Please don't answer Machismo because I really don't think that is what this is. I have posted other questions and that is how there were answered so I did research into it.)

So he knows I like him and I know he likes me. He has told me before and he has told my friend.

We have had sex before. Which we probably shouldn't have. It was too early in the relationship but I hadn't had sex in 6 months so I went ahead.

So I basically told him that I am not looking for a boyfriend. Neither of us have time for that and I really don't think it is a good idea for me now. I told him I wanted a guy that would go out every once in awhile and dance with me. I told him that I like him and think he is sexy.

So after all that he kind of stopped talking to me. I thought, Oh well, maybe I scared him off or something. Whatever. I mean I like him but I am not going to stress over this.

So I stopped talking to him too. I stopped looking at him. Last night I completely ignored him. He was standing behind me and when I turned around he smiled really big at me. I said "Oh sorry" and moved out of his way. I didn't smile back. I just went about my business. He left and said goodbye to me and the other girl their. She said bye and I looked at him and said nothing.

So I went out side a few minutes later to put my stuff in my car. He was out there getting into his car. He said something to me and I went over and talked to him for about ten minutes. He told me he works a lot. Is that his excuse for not going out with me?

All of the sudden, I ignore him and he wants to ask me where I am going and what I am doing the next day. He asked me what was wrong with me. My friend pulled up and I said I turned and got in the car with her. I said bye but nothing more than that.

Why is it when I tell him what I want he blows me off but when I ignore him he wants to talk to me and smile at me and check me out when I turn around?

Should I continue to ignore him or what? I really like him. He is a very nice guy and I think he is sexy as hell. I know he is shy, especially around the guys in the back at work. He is embarrassed that he doesn't speak a lot of english.

But I don't care about that. I have learned a lot of spanish and I have a lot of friends that speak spanish. I have been to clubs that only play spanish music.

What should I do?

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Why does he only talk to me when I ignore him?
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