I have a crush on my math teacher?

Ok so i have this really attractive math teacher... I can't really explain the way i feel about her. I'm 18 and she is 23. She's so smart and beautiful... and she definitely turns me on. One time we were going over a lesson and she came up to me and said "why you hiding your work :P" and i just looked away. She then turned around and her butt was in my face... and she just stood there for a good 10 seconds... probably knowing i was looking,

anyways She likes to mess with me a lot and she even has a nickname for me. She calls me "Project Pat" since my name is Patrick. She also always has a positive attitude even if i am acting up in class. There was a time when she was frustrated that her students weren't understanding the material, and whenever i asked her for individual help she would give me a smile and give me as much help as i needed. She also had a conversation with my dad abut my performance in her class. Even though my grade was the worst in the class she still said something really positive around me. she said

"Patrick is a great student and will one day be a great leader, however sometimes he lets he falls for peer pressure, but i have high expectations for him, and he will grow to be a great man"

i couldn't have been happier when she said that about me. I hated her class but i really like her as a teacher and as a person in general. I know my crush won't go anywhere but i just want to know what i should do about this?
I have a crush on my math teacher?
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