Crush on a teacher?

I’ve had a crush on my teacher for the past couple of years. I like his intense passion— when he speaks, it’s enthralling. It brings you into the place he’s talking about. He’s intelligent, and a little awkward. Tall with a crooked smile, and slim physique. Attractive and funny. Kind. We love the same things, and he’s an incredible teacher. We have similar mannerisms. I think I’m more in love with the idea of him than him (I often find myself wishing he was younger or I were as older, telling myself I’ll meet someone similar one day) , but even so, I’ve found myself enamored by him. It’s been made worse because while he avoids me, he stares quite a bit. I started to notice him like that when I caught him staring down my shirt in class two years ago (I’m a senior, met him as a sophomore). What does this say about me? I would never act on it, and while the staring is suggestive, I don’t know for sure what he thinks and I don’t think he would ever act on it if it were mutual.

From a psychological standpoint, why would a seventeen year old girl have a crush on a man in his mid thirties? I obviously get a grown man finding a teenager to LOOK attractive bc they look like grown women, but anyone have any thoughts on why a girl would find a grown man attractive? (Daddy issues aside please)
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Another thing is we’re kind of on the same wave length— it’s a notoriously hard class, and other kids fail horribly. I, however, understand the subject and view the world on the same way he teaches so I tend to do extremely well in his class
Crush on a teacher?
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