Why men compliment other women in front of girls who like them

single 37yrs old. falling for a 27yr old man I met at the car club we both are a member of.

why men give comments about how sexy the girl across the room is in front of a girl who likes them.


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  • i always thought it was to let the girl know that he's not interested in her

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    • Very true, you and xobrowneyedbeauty are right on I think. Some guys play mind games but allot of times if a guy "knows" a girl likes him and he says someone else is hot, that means he's not into her. Or he could just be dumb lol...

    • That's what it's tantamount to. Alternately, it's basically announcing that he's emotionally unprepared for anything half-way resembling a healthy relationship.

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  • A few reasons

    1.To show you that you are not the only girl he likes.

    2. To make sure you don't think that he's a creepy guy.

    3. To show you that he's not going to cling to you all night even if things go well, he's going to let you hang out with your friends and then possibly hook up later.

    4. To get you to think about him. (you writing this proves that it worked.)

    5. To flirt with other women. (sometimes compliments work, its rare but sometimes they do if done the right way.)

    6. To get other women to notice him and like him in the process. (chances are they see you with him and because you are there and you are another woman, they will be more apt to like him now.)

    7. for practice to get his social skills better.

    8. For fun.

    9. Because he can't help himself.

    10. Because he thinks its the right thing to do, (its being polite and social he's mingling.)

    I think that covers it.

    • As far as the update see answers 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9.

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    • What man puts that much effort into mind games? I've never done it, and I'm sure as hell all my mates haven't with any of their dates.

      We're men. We see a nice looking girl we'll generally yell it out to whoever happens to be in hearing range. Heck, I've had strangers I've never met tell me about a "hot chick 2 oclock".

      Best guess? He sees the OP as a friend and didn't process potential hidden meanings.

    • You could do that and sometimes it will work, because you are not apologizing for being a man.

      Generally speaking though, if you like a girl and want to show her that you might not like her, you do something that shows disinterest. People do it all the time. And if you are not doing it consciously then you are not getting laid as much as someone who is. Play mind games or don't get laid as much as someone who does.

  • See how your thinking about it so much that you posted a question on it? then it worked, either he is a clown or he was trying to make you a little jealous to get you to think about him but I still could be wrong but some people really are crazy enuff to play such psychological games

    • Yeah, you seem to know a thing or two about mind games. :(

    • Lmao, ur funny, I just know how the game goes I don't use those crazy jedi mind tricks lol

  • Does the guy know you like him? How does he view you? Maybe he views you as a friend and is able to freely express his thoughts around you.

  • He's a self-absorbed narcissist, like many men of that age are. Hell, I was.

  • I agree with what blueandwhite bleederwrote.

    All these "It's his fault. He's a jerk" type responses are utter junk unless he knows she has a thing for him. If he just think she's a friend and nothing more, then that's part and parcel of friendship.

    But it's also more then that, it depends on how he said it. If he said "Wow, she looks really pretty" or something else relativly neutral, then so what? My girlfriend says that stuff about OTHER GIRLS all the time. Furthermore, I've also said it (sadly on more then one occasion) about Matt Daemon, Johhny Depp, Jake Gyllehall (Prince of Persia) at times (I swear I'm straight, honest).

    Moving on.


    ONLY IF he knew you liked him, and he said it in an obnoxious way, such as "Check out the t*ts on her, I love big t*ts, D or bigger!" then the guy's a jerk. He's probably doing it on purpose to 'break up' with you as in kill of your unrequited friendship. Or he's just simply a stupid jerk that doesn't give a toss.

    • There's nothing wrong with you acknowledging the attractiveness of other men, hahaha. It just shows you're comfortable with your own sexuality, really.

    • That's what I said to sven, my masseur, and richie, my hairdresser.

      (Yes, that bits a joke).

  • It's to let the girl know that she shouldn't get to comfortable... It's the same reason why girls do it.

    Most girls I know, don't like a guy who is always available...they get turned off by it for some reason.

    Sorta of sounds childish to me though. But hey I'm 21 so what do I know?

  • if your not his girlfriend then hell keep his options open. plus your 37 he could be using you to show how mature he is to other women.

  • he wants pussy


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  • Because he is insensitive to your presence, possible interest in him, and is showing a general demonstration of who he is.

  • he's not that into u, you deserve better!

  • Has he complimented you? If he hasn't then...eh, you wouldn't want to be with him anyways.

    I mean, if he's complimented you already and then now he is just being an "observer" and giving a somewhat neutral opinion of another attractive woman, then it's harmless. Some guys just like to point out things they notice about other females when they're out and about, ya know?

    Or he's testing to see how you'd react...really based on what he's like as a person. (Does he like to play stupid games like that)

    But, if he's given no indication of being interested in you more than a friend, then perhaps he just sees you as a "buddy" he can do that with.

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