Why does he keep picking fights?

I have this problem with my boyfriend. He keeps picking fights over stupid sh*t with me. And then when I get emotional he calls me "pathetic", "sad", "too sensitive" etc. I used to talk to him about the problems I was going through with my parents and then he told me to stop talking to him about my family life because it's none of his business. I respected that and I stopped. And we were having fun today and everything was light & happy. All of the sudden he asks me why I didn't go to my grandfathers wedding. I told him I had such a strong relationship with my grandmother (she passed away from Pancreatic Cancer) and it's just hard on me. He decided to give his opinion on how I was being negative and a miserable person. And how horrible I was being to my grandfather. I told him to stop and I don't want his opinion on this because it's my family life and I don't want to talk to him about it. And he just kept going and I lost it. I went mental. I am so sick of him doing this sh*t and hitting my nerves with things really personal and then when I start crying and I get upset he tells me I am pathetic. I feel like he intentionally picks fights and does the cruelest things just so he can inflict emotional pain on people. What the f*** is wrong with him?


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  • He might be trying to make you break up with him. I heard that sometimes if a guy doesn't want to be the one to break up with you he'll do stuff to where you'll be the one who breaks up with him. either that or he's just a pos and you need to confront him about his behavior or break up with him