Guys are you fed up of stuck up women?


Do you find there is this trend these days of women being so stuck up ?

Do you find that just because they have somewhat of an attractive body they act like they are all that ?

Whats the deal ? Is this my imagination ? Or are there really a lot of stuck up women?

Personally, I feel that there is a increasing trend of stuck up women and I am fed up.


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  • Oh yeah, way too many. And for no reason either.

    Growing up my father always reminded me that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance and when you cross it you often times don't even know it, which is why you have to listen to your friends when they put you in check.

    I have said it before and I will say it again; the worst, most unattractive, obnoxious of all is the self proclaimed "divas" and "princesses". The only way to deal with these women is to completely ignore them. Don't try to tell them anything especially about their behavior it will only fuel their attitude. I mean completely ignore them, and I mean everyone ignore them. Act as if they are not even there and hopefully they will either find some humility or simply just go away knowing that no one wants to be around them. They seem to exist in this dream world where somehow being in their company is a privilege that they are bestowing upon people. Hopefully they will realize that others don't see it as a privilege but a plague.

    On this note I propose a new acronym DwD - "Down with Divas"

    • Hey!! That's not very nice. Kidding, I've got diva in my screen name but it's a joke. The irony of Haggard and Diva together. I don't at all consider myself a diva.

    • LOL...WOW,...ROUND of APPLAUSE!...couldn't have said it better myself period

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  • i know 5 girls in particular who are shit hot and omg they couldn't be more stuck up there own holes if they lived there!

    they think because they are beautiful they have some right to have whatever they want and treat people whatever way they want!

    this doesn't speak for all pretty girls I'm just saying these 5 girls I know are like that!

    but I also get told I'm stuck up all the time because apparently I look stuck up and you would not believe how many guys stay clear because they expect me to be stuck up so I usually always have to make the 1st move so guys if you think a girl is stuck up just by looking at her please for god sakes go find out if she's actually nice or what because its kinda annoying when someone goes oh I thought you were stuck up but your actually not 1 bit.!

    • I blame us men too in this though, if we guys stopped rewarding with attentions and ass kissing these girls, there would be less of them and they would come back down to planet earth

    • @carlo true man. Supply and demand.

  • I understand the line between confidence and arrogance everyone is describing as the symbol of being stuck-up, but I always thought stuck-up women (and men), were not fully rounded out individuals. It's like they don't understand other people or certain topics, so they ignore it and pretend its not important. i.e. they're stupid and think they are better. They perfect what they know, all the superficial shit, into an art form that does get them a good looking man, a decent job, the nicest clothes and car. Of course, other women see this and think damn what am I doing wrong? They'll figure it out and copy those techniques. more divas. As a chick and an army brat, I've seen it more in women, and I've never been able to hold anything but the most meaningless of conversation with these types. So, I have avoided them! I never understood why a man would date them. And yeah, my opinion of that man does go down a few notches when I see them falling for those chicks. Yeah, those women are usually hot, but hell what kind of conversations do they have? lol. Anyways, just wanted to stick in my 2cents.

  • I think a lot of girls mistake being stuck up for confidence. They don't get that there's a difference between liking who you are and thinking you look good.

    But at the same time, there are plenty of guys who are stuck up.

  • I know I'm not a guy but I must say I do see it happen alot!

    Its not always because of sex appeal though. Sometimes its because they were spoiled or still are spoiled by their parents. Maybe they have family problems and take it out through their attitude. There are many reason why you see this, and a lot of times it can be sex appeal but there is a lot of times more behind that, and its usually not just that.


    • What does sex appeal have to do with that?

    • I'm sorry I don't understand what your pointing your question towards, can you clarify? ^_^

  • I have people all the time tell me that they think or thought I was stuck up when they first met me. But the truth is I'm actually pretty shy when I first meet people. And by being shy and not talking, people have mistaken me for stuck up. I'm really pretty laid back when you get to know me. I try really hard not to judge people on first impressions because I understand that it is easy to be misunderstood.

  • A friend of mine kept complaining about how many guys are players, but then she realized that the problem was that she kept going for the same type of guy, so the problem was her choice of guys, not the guys themselves... Ur you keep going after the same type of girl, nothing will change, they will often have the same attitude problem...

    Also, not ever girl who comes across as snobby actually is. Some are shy, a lot of people put on a pretense of "confidence" to cover up the truth, others have family or other issues that make them behave a certain way... People often used to think I was snobby because I can be really shy... I learnt that to avoid being labeled as snobby, I just have to smile more and make eye contact; even if I'm to shy to speak a lot at first, having friendly body language makes all the difference

  • Oh yeah their are a lot of stuck up women. I'm only in high school but that means I see a lot of them start to develop that attitude. Still, their are still a lot of nice girls out their so please make sure not to group us all together. :) Some of us girls are getting sick of the stuck up ones to.

    PS: Sorry about answering a question you only asked the guys. Just had to say that we aren't all like that. :)

    • I didn't put all of you in that group, that's why I said *some women* :)

      Though I do feel that there is more and more stuck up women

      Though what makes me laugh is that when they are all pretty pretty now, they won't be when they are older, Id like to see their faces then....

      Especially that those types usually go for the rich/bastard types who will ultimately get used up by them. I see a lot of *has been* stuck up/pretty women all used up by the age of 30 LOL

    • Their are more and more sadly enough.

      Oh and yeah, most do get what is coming to them.

  • Unfortunately the same can be said for ALOT of men. Arrogance is the biggest turn off. especially when its not warranted-

    • Actually, even when it is supposedly warranted. What give you the right to snub someone ? and I find the ration of snobby men vs women is greatly unmatched....

    • Agreed- arrogance is NEVER warranted. as for which sex is the snobbiest- its irrelevant snobby people whether male or female are equally annoying

  • well what about the men who give signals to us non-stuck up women hehehehe :)

    • What about them and what kind of signal do you refer to ? please clarify :)

    • Well I have a guy friend who's interested in me, I know it! well based on how he acts anyway...and then like...some days ill be standing right next to him and he doesn't even say hi...then next day he tells me how I don't say hi or bye to him...and its like...well you don't either... what about that huh?!

    • I don't think that is stuck up, I think that sounds like confused.

      He should shape up and act like a real man and talk to you if he likes you. That is of coarse the feelings are mutual and you want him to go for the first step....

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  • Have you ever heard of some saying that goes like "how something seems to be isn't necessarily how it is." sumthing like that.

    As a man your age, it's natural for you to say that, because that's how it seems. I don't have to give evidence on why women seem stuck up, you already got plenty of evidence.

    If you continue to think that though... you just don't get it! you gotta understand why they "are" stuck up! Those attractive women you find to be stuck-up, if you can get to know 'em well, you'll find out they're not stuck up at all.

    There are stuck-up women though, but what I've found in my experiences is that beauty isn't a factor at all in their arrogance, mostly anyways. There are some unattractive women who are very arrogant, and them I hate the most.

  • confidence versus arrogance! so many girls these days are so arrogant. I'm attracted to beautiful women but as soon as they become arrogant it's a huge turn off. Even if they look like a Victoria Secret Super Model if they are arrogant it makes me want to puke.

    These girls usually end up with guys that they can control and manipulate.

    That is very unfortunate because basically what they found is not true love, but an insecure moron who will put up their arrogance just because they look good.

    I think now-a-days women are more this way due to media influence. Good question

  • Stuck up girls are the easiest to get though. Most of the reasons why they are stuck up is because:

    A) They have gotten everything in their life solely based on their looks.

    B They are insecure and need to try and control every situation they are in by making others feel lower than them.

    All you need to do to get a stuck up woman is push past the bullshit sheild they put up one you. Many of these girls will be quite loyal and sweet to you because they are looking for a guy that won't take their shit since everyone in their life has given them what they wanted. These are the girls that date convicts and "bad boys' because they are the ones that don't treat them like princesses. And these women will stick by those men like glue. So you can't tell me they aren't caring people.

    Stuck up girls to me are like spoiled children. All you have to do is lay the law on them and not take their shit and they end up being pretty nice people to be around.

    • Well...I don't see where they(women) are being caring at just because they "stick to you like glue"...(in my opinion, even though you didn't ask for it) is they are making a bad decision, just because a "bad boy"(more than likely a thug/gang banger) won't take there sh*t doesn't mean he's a keeper or someone who you will be happy with and I agree with everything you said as well.Those types of women need a REAL WAKE UP CALL

  • I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years simply because she was a bitch to me!
    She had no humility and always expected the best.

    Honestly now she is really regretting it and wants me back. Because I am a safe, loving, nice guy who doesn't take shit.

    But now I have come out of my shell and started to talk to other girls but they take one look at me and write me off before I even get to show myself. I'm not the best looking guy but damn give me a chance, I could be the best guy for you. Its double standards... if you do that to her girlfriend you are mean.
    It is extremely rare to find any woman who will "treat others how you would like to be treated".

    So now I believe I will be looking to Russian and Japanese women to date!

  • No, I completely get it. I was just at a coffee shop to study, I sat down and there was a good looking girl a couple seats away.
    Anyways I took a break from studying a hour in and spoke to her for a bit (I'm overall a pretty friendly guy, or I try to be), I noticed that she was uninterested in the conversation until I let it slip from my mouth that I'm a paramedic, then her eyes lite up. But like honestly I'm just having a normal conversation, I don't really feel like trying to impress her and put my game face on. I mean I feel like I know the "Game" well enough now I can pull something off, but it's like why do I have to every time, especially when I sincerely just want to make a new friend.
    Anyways we speak a few more times (I start off every conversation) and she does a lot of the talking, rarely asking me any questions, so I get it's a one way conversation. Whatever I'm not going to put in the effort if she won't.
    Anyways she leaves without saying good bye at all, and I don't even look up. If she won't put in the effort then I can't be bothered either.
    So then this older guy sits beside me (like mid 40s). When I take a break from studying again we get into this great conversation about travelling. It's a two way conversation, he asks me questions and vice versa. Super nice guy, sometimes feeds homeless people, etc. Then I get his Facebook and we stay in contact afterwards.

    I'm doing something right now where I'm on the NoFap challenge and I'm going celibate for a few month. I've found I actually feel more empowered. I don't give a sh@t, I'm not trying to get laid right now and I'm trying to see you as a whole human being; mind, body and all. If you're pretty, but you're rude you can f@ck off. I'd rather talk to the 40 year old guy about his adventures in India anyways.

    So basically I'm saying take back the power and that will teach women to stop being stuck up. Don't let them seduce you and you'll be able to see what's really there and be able to tell the truly beautiful people, from the people who are just in disguise.

    But back to point out something else, I have met some truly amazing women out there that are beautiful mind, body and all. So not every gorgeous female is stuck up, and not every 40 year old guy is nice. I just find stereotypical it goes that way, and it's probably then men to blame for always bending over backwards for them. So f@cking stop putting them on a petal stool and let them get valued for their brains.

  • Snap bro! This proves that it isn't just my imagination too. I'm fed up over the wall and into the far fields on the otherside.

  • Hell YEA! feel free to read some of my articles on the women of MASSACHUSETTS

    talk about stuck up, self centered, conceited!

    • I know the reason for this trend.

      They feel empowered by their sex appeal. The problem is, every guy gives them so much attention it *skyrockets* their self esteem and makes them feel like goddesses.

      Guys give them all that attention because women spend hours and hours in the gym and in front of the mirror for the perfect look. the check their face and ass every 7 minutes and 32 seconds. They try on 50 pairs of jeans and choose the one which makes their ass look perfect.

      Thats why

  • Yea I have to agree with some women being stuck up, to the MAX! and because they think they're all that its like they deserve the best I've seen a few girls with top notch bodies but the face jesus christ THE FACE! I really wonder how guys can block out that image and still talk to that girl lol see if us guys were to change a bit and take away what those stuck up women feed off of which is our attention things would be a little different to a point

    • If a Genie were to appear, and I had one single wish, JUST ONE, I would wish for guys to stop giving a crap about girls.

      Id like to see how the world runs, the table would be turned. It would be girls buying gifts for guys, paying dinners and dates, doing everything just to get a single ounce of appreciation out of men....

      Girls would be put in the position in which men are in now. That would be fun to see

    • Haha yea that would be a sight to see