She has a boyfriend, but is intentionally sending mixed signals?

I have a friend that I've known for very long time. We'll call her Amanda. About four years ago I became very interested in Amanda and she shut me down pretty quick. She basically refused to talk to me for several months. At the time I got over it for the most part and moved on.

Over the next three years we would go through period where we would hangout several times a week for about three months, then wouldn't talk to each other for a month or two. Every time we went through a period of hanging out a lot I started to like her again. And each time I just tried to forget about it and move on, because she was obviously not interested.

Now, about a year and a half ago, during one of the periods where we were talking frequently, she calls me in the middle of the night. About five minutes into the conversation she asked me if I wanted to go make out. I was completely shocked for several seconds, and then I said no. She dropped it and we ended the conversation fairly quickly. A month later she called me late at night again. This time I was asleep and missed the call. I woke up and checked my voice mail, and sure enough, she had left me a message asking me to call her back if I wanted to go make out. This happened once or twice more over the next couple of months and I was getting tired of having my emotions toyed with. Of course I wanted to make out with her, but something didn't feel right.

My plan of action was to ignore her phone calls and avoid hanging out with her because I was tired of it all. She would call me at least every other day and I simply wouldn't answer. It went on like this for about six months until I finally caved and answered the phone. We started talking again and everything was great until one night she asked me if I could get sexually involved with her without getting emotionally involved. Now, that's usually every guy's dream, right? Problem is she has a boyfriend, so I'm not about to do that to another guy. And that's just not why I am interested in this girl. I told her no, I didn't think I could. She dropped it and we went on both acting like it was never brought up.

A couple of weeks ago I nearly slipped up. We were hanging out at a friend's house watching movies. Everyone there had been drinking a little, and me and Amanda had been flirting a little bit all night. It wasn't long until everyone else went to bed or got a ride home and Amanda and I were left alone on the couch. She asked me if I wanted to make out, and I said no. I started another movie and she started leaning up against me. After a few minutes she layed down and put her head in my lap. I put my arm around her and started stroking her hair. It wasn't long until she was trying to pull me down to make out with her. That was when I stopped and asked "What are we doing?". She just kind of stared at me, then stood up and left the room. I finally managed to get her to say that she did have some feelings for me. but she has a boyfriend.

What do I do?
She has a boyfriend, but is intentionally sending mixed signals?
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