Was he actually looking forward to a kiss?

Okay, so this guy, 'John' (my crush) was like, "Do you wanna kiss?" and I just like kinda froze up because I was so shocked that I just said, "Huh?" He was just like, "Do you wanna kiss? Like the hershey kiss?" and I was like "uh yea, sure" He was like "I don't have one." After that, he started to flirt with me...

And now I'm confused.
Was he actually looking forward to a kiss?
*bc if he did, dayummm, he smooth af

or did he actually ask if I wanted a hershey kiss?

This is why I am so confused... why would you ask someone if they wanted a hershey kiss if you don't have one to give?

Also, if he was looking forward to a kiss...
I searched up "Do you wanna hershey kiss?" and people have done this before... except that they ACTUALLY had a bag of hershey kisses and they used the bag as a "back-up plan" but they only pull out the bag if the girl says "Excuse me?". He said the hershey kiss part AFTER i said "huh?" so if he was looking forward to a kiss, I feel like I just rejected him, when in reality, I wouldn't have minded either types of kisses. How do I show him that I'm okay with a kiss without asking him about this?
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Thank you so much for your help! I am happy with the advice, but he said that in front of all of my friends... in a classroom. In the case where we actually kiss, i dont want that to happen where everyone can see bc i will start blushing like crazy. How can i get him to ask somewhere where everyone can't see? I am going on a school trip to disneyland where its possible to have some private time...
Was he actually looking forward to a kiss?
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