Why do guys flirt with so many girls at once?

Why do guys just like flirting with so many girls so much?

Ex. slappin' the girl's butt, askin' her to sit on his lap, puttin' his arms around her...but he doesn't like her in that way at all. (and he says he just like flirting like that)


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  • I don't think people know the proper word for Flirting.

    Flirting is when you say someone is VERY HOT "looks wise" when she is butt ugly and fat.

    Compliments are when you're noting something true about someone.

    So now that you know that you must understand guys like girls what are you gonna do when you like someone Compliment them or flirt my best friend I say he's awesome "compliment" because he is seriously awesome

    so now why do guys flirt lots because maybe they have time on their hands and a mouth of which can speak so yea this pretty much covers everything!


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  • There are a few types of flirting:

    1)Innocent flirting: when you mean it in a friendly, playful way. I sometimes flirt with guys this way, but I do it so you can tell that I'm just goofing around. Not that I'm interested. Most people flirt like this, and it's completely okay if you don't cross certain boundaries.

    2)Player flirting: Flirting with everyone and not caring if someone gets hurt. People who flirt like this either want to get in your pants or just like the attention they receive back. It's like a game to them and that's why they're called players.

    3)Flirting because of attraction: this is when you flirt with a special someone in hopes of them flirting back and starting a spark. A potential relationship.

    Also, I wanted to mention that many guys are flirts, but girls be as well. You can't generalize something like that.

  • Well guys that do that just do it to show off in front of their friends or just to mess around I wouldn't call it flirting also if he has a girlfriend then you should go to the girl and tell her what's up about it so she can handle it.

  • I agree with bd4urox, she's right, guys do this to impress their buddies, show them they can get any girl they want. Guys flirt with girls to get an ego boost too, if you flirt back and act like you like him, he feels like hes hot which gives him an ego boost.

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