Why do girls go incommunicado after a good first date?

Two people meet on a dating website, exchange a few emails.

They meet for a quick coffee date and have pleasant conversation where both seem happy, compliment each other, talk about doing things together or going on more dates.

The woman volunteers her personal contact information and smiles and gives a goodbye hug.

The guy thinks everything is okay and takes things at face value.

Shortly after he writes or texts the girl with a simple message like "Enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you again if you too felt the same way. Let me know."

And there's silence from the woman.

And repeat that endlessly with different women.

Even mentioning this scenario with them during the date doesn't dislodge whatever fear, discomfort or lack of communication skill the girl may have.

I have heard the standard 1-2 reasons girls have given me like "woman may be too cowardly to say the truth", "too afraid of rude reaction from rejected guy", "every woman is different".

It still doesn't make sense to get the same result from the gender that is constantly praised for it's ability to communicate and be compassionate and honest/truthful.

It's ironic since ALL women express their desire for a "honest man" and "open communication".

I wonder if the people in question ever think about their words and actions and are even partially introspective.

Thanks for reading and offering any insight or confirming what I already know.

Why do girls go incommunicado after a good first date?
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