Does the guy at the gym like me?

Hi, so about a week ago I working out with my trainer. After one of our workouts I got up and noticed this cute guy was wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt (ps. I’m a bears fan) so I started a conversation just saying he’s not allowed to wear that shirt in here. Out of nowhere he started flirting with me. Then said he wouldn’t mind taking it off if I don’t. So I said I wouldn’t mind either. With that I walked off with my trainer. That day he came up to my trainer and wanted to start training with her. Then turned back to me and started talking to me again. I can tell he was a shy guy and a little corny but I thought it was cute. Now he trains with my trainer and always comes in after to me like to see me. But also now I’ve noticed my trainer brings up his name or like in a way shoves me towards him trying to make us talk. And now when he not training with my trainer and it’s just me and my trainer training I catch him looking over and I just start seeing him everywhere now at the gym. I never noticed the guy until now. But he hasn’t asked me out yet? What y’all think.
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I’m getting mixed signals from the same guy. One moment he acts interested then next he doesn’t. Also I’ve texted him first but he hasn’t texted me first. He’s very sweet but it’s like he’s not initiating trying to get to know me. But stares at me at the gym and waves to come talk to me. I don’t know but right now I’m laying off. A guy friend said that he wants me to chase after him. But it’s like we’re grown. It goes both ways. I’m not a mind reader. What y’all think?
Does the guy at the gym like me?
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