How to flirt with a cute train conductor?

theres this really cute train conductor that I see on my train ride home and he used to be really serious but I started smiling at him a lot more and now he's always asking me how I'm doing, if I have plans over the weekend and how my weekends were, doesn't charge me sometimes, and when I get to my stop he stands out next to the train and I can see that he doesn't say anything to anyone who gets off in front of me but when I get off he always tells me to have a good day. He used to only be on my train 2 out of the 5 days I work but now he's on all 5 days. Id see the usual conductor who works when this guy doesn't and he would be calling out the stops and opening the doors then out of nowhere the cute guy would appear and start collecting the tickets. I Haven't had to work the past couple days so I Haven't seen him, he's so cute and I don't know what to say to him. This has only been happening since last week. Please be nice and thanks so much!
How to flirt with a cute train conductor?
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