Do guys ever feel bad after hurting a girl?

I have been seeing a guy for the last 2 months and everything has been great. Spending time on the weekends, during the week, really getting to know each other, etc. We were not boyfriend/girlfriend but like any early stage of a relationship, our relationship was definitely growing and getting stronger. He invited me to do things with his friends so even they knew about our growing relationship.

Yesterday I was completely blind sighted by him when I inconveniently (for him) ran into him and his friends while he was out with another girl. He pretended like he didn't see me and basically ignored me like I was nothing to him. I was caught so off guard by the whole situation and even his friends were apologizing to me saying they don't understand what he was thinking or why he did it. I was really hurt by the situation and if he had any heart like I thought he did I would assume he has to know he hurt me. I'm sure his friends said something to him too.

Do guys EVER feel bad about hurting a girl? Or maybe I was completely wrong about him and he never gave a damn about me. I can't imagine that was the case, but I wonder if guys have any conscious about hurting a girl or if they just ignore it to justify their actions.
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I don't think I'll ever understand men if that is the case. Why would he invest so much time with me if he never cared, even a little bit. Even if he is selfish (which he clearly is) and saw this other girl as something fun to try out on the side, how can he not feel somewhat bad for doing what he did?
Do guys ever feel bad after hurting a girl?
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