My crush is ignoring me help!

There is this guy that I have a crush on and he's kinda popular and I am not and I can assure you, I don't like him for his popularity. He is known as a guy with a big ego and he told me that he can't do girlfriends.. but in fact he does girlfriends, but only dates the most popular girls. anyway He's in my Math class and my business class. In math class, he had to sit next to me because my math teacher made him and we actually made really good friends, and he said hi to me when I walked by and gave me hi fives and everything. We were always talking and he called me a friend. Btw I was always scared of his friends. He stood up for me when his friends were insulting me.Then I started liking him. He and I shared I pods and we texted each other and stuff but he hardely ever started convos on msn and stuff. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and if I would like one and about prom too. I never showed any interest because I was ignoring him but one of his really good firends asked my best friend if I liked him because I was always talking to him. She said no, that I didn't like him because I asked her to not to tell anyone. I could talk to my crush in real life but we never talked online.

Then my math teacher left and he doesn't sit next to me anymore, and he ignores me completely. He dosn't seem to recognise me, or notice me and never says hi to me anymore and today, he had something to ask in school instead of asking me, he asked one of my friends who was right in front of me and didn't even look at me or anything. It's like our friendship never really happened and he remembers nothing. I am really hurt and my friends tell me that I should get over him... but I really can't. He was really nice to me.

Now I am really scared to talk to him, because I am half afraid of him. I feel very imature but Is it because I am not popular enough? Please help. Should I talk to him on msn and say Hi? or is there no hope whatsoever? thank you.
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you know what?

i think you are right. Why do I have to lower myself just to get a guy's attention?
My crush is ignoring me help!
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