Are calves attractive on men?

I've been training in Vibram Five-Fingered toe shoes for the past 5 months and I've noticed the biggest difference besides my running form and foot flexibility is that my calves have improved tremendously. Definition is exactly where I want it to be and even parts of my lower leg above the ankles that I didn't know could be muscular have been developed.

Do ladies appreciate well defined legs or is it one of those things where as long as they aren't skinny and white it's whatever?

This is a silly question for the sake of curiosity.
Yum. Strong defined legs make me feel like a man is grounded to the Earth and could beat up bad guys with powerful kicks.
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Dude, they're just legs. Arms embrace me and make me feel protected but all legs ever do is walk out on me before I wake up.
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This recent surge in answers gave me bittersweet memories of the conversations I had with Annie3434. She was easily the most fun I've ever had talking to another person on this site. It's a shame she left GAG.
Are calves attractive on men?
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