Why did my crush guy avoid looking at me?

The other day I was sitting in Starbucks when I casually look up to see my crush who I haven't seen in two years sitting there on the table opposite me with a work colleague. I kept my head down reading. He got up several times to grab a drink few other items each time brushing pass me. He then got up to put his plate away (I didn't look up). His friend got up to leave and asked if he was coming but my crush stayed. He sat for a few minutes texting on his phone then got up. I thought he left but he went to grab another drink. When he walked pass my table his head was down texting like he was avoiding me. When he stepped outside he walked around the corner stopped to text facing directly my table but again head down.

He is usually a confident guy but his behavior was so different.

In the past, he would stare, smile, remember details from years ago but I got the feeling he didn't want me to know he had a crush.

Just want to know why he avoided eye contact. Is he shy or just not interested anymore.
Why did my crush guy avoid looking at me?
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