Why did my crush deny his interest in me so bluntly?

My crush used to be interested in me and his friends knew about it (I overheard their conversations about approaching me) however nothing happened. 2 years later he found out that I asked his best friend about him which of course flattered my crush.

When he saw me again in college after two years he started blatantly staring at me for 10 seconds several times and sometimes turned around to give me one last glance when he would leave the room or secretly stare when I was distracted (Since I was always sitting in the back it was pretty easy for me to observe). I messaged him on WhatsApp telling him „I’m the girl from lectures A and B“, however he pretended not to know who I was (I think he lied since there were hardly any other students).

At one point he recognised me and was super friendly. However when I mentioned that I felt like he wanted to talk to me and that he was staring a bit he started being dry and a bit rude. I admitted that I stared at him too and he said he noticed. The rest of the conversation went like this:

Crush: „Why didn’t you approach me?“.

Me: „I was too shy.“

Crush: „Classic.“

Me: „Why did you not approach me?“

Crush: „Ah I don’t know. I guess I was just not that interested.“

I mean might be, but I’m pretty sure he wanted to approach me and his friend kept an eye on me too. Why would he blatantly stare several times or give me a last glance before he leaves the room if he is not even slightly interested? I felt like he tried to play it cool because his responses were so blunt and out of his friendly character. Could it be that he replied this way because he has a girlfriend?

Why did my crush deny his interest in me so bluntly?
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