A little confused, is she playing hard to get or not interested?

I've mentioned this before but now things are starting to happen. I am just a bit confused at the moment.

So I bumped into a girl the Friday before Xmas eve. We chatted twice that night, I saw her looking at me a lot, and I was also looking at her. So we got chatting and it turned out she was friends with my ex's new fella! Whatever happened we just got along, she invited me and my friends to the club she was heading to but we had other plans.

The following day I messaged her using Facebook, just saying how much of a coincidence it was meeting and I enjoyed chatting (along those lines). Maybe do it again sometime. She replied and we ended up into a few hour chat. She lives in abroad until May when she returns for good so obviously as she would be leaving soon to go back she would be tied up with family and friend duties... no time really to date a new potential, right? she never once said "I'me too busy" and I never really asked her out.

Pretty much daily we've been chatting away, txt, Facebook etc... one night she invited me over to a pub where her and her sisters etc were having a drink; that fell through as the two of us were with different group of friends. The following day again we get into a chat. Her responses were detailed and she always asked me a lot of questions about me, what I liked etc... general chit chat. But sometimes when I'd ask a question she wouldn't respond until a day passed! I'm wondering "is she interested or just playing a little hard to get"? She has been burned before and has been single for around the same time as myself.

So last night she was preparing to leave and we got chatting again after I wished her well. I told her I was enjoying talking with her and would like to get to know her a bit better when she comes back in February for 2 weeks. She said yea, we will get to know each other more then . She then took the conversation on... talking about things like how she didn't like the early starts and was dreading getting back to work and looked forward to coming back again. Talking about the movie she was watching and asking me if I'd ever seen it etc, ya know just general chit chat but she "seems" interested by what she is asking.

I am confused though as when text conversations end, sometimes I'd have asked a question... nothing silly or whatever, but she wouldn't reply for a day. She didn't reply to the last text I sent her at 1am (she was up talking with me), she had to be up for 3am to get her flight.

Am I wasting my time? Or is she just being cautious and playing a little hard to get. She seems like a lovely girl and I do like talking with her regardless if its phone, txt, Facebook or whatever it's always effortless and feels easy.

Any advice?

Thanks guys

I forgot to mention she initiated all the friend requesting, I asked for her number after she asked for mine.

If you need any more info please ask. And thanks for helping out once again!
A little confused, is she playing hard to get or not interested?
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