How does a hot and heavy relationship go cold so fast and how do I fix it?

I met this amazing man online 7 weeks ago. We clicked immediately, it was like we knew each other forever, he said the same. He introduced me to his children after only 3 weeks (I wanted to wait he didn't)

Last Sunday went to a party at his friends, afterward asked me to meet his parents and sister on Thanksgiving after I got home from my mom's and I said yes. The next night after we made love I told him I was crazy about him, and asked where he thought the relationship was going (I know to soon) he said nothing.

He never gave me a time to meet his family. Thanksgiving was here and gone and he hasn't brought up him not calling me to arrange a time to meet his family.

I am so confused, he told me I was the "complete package" and now he is backing off. I am 45 - he is 42 I told him from the beginning I am to old to play games, just want to be in a serious relationship again. He said he wanted the same.

His texts have gone from "Hey Babe thinking of you" - quick cold answers. Hasn't asked me out in over a week. I asked him to my house on Friday for dinner but he said "no sex" because he was sore from Monday? What? Every time we have been together he was very happy. He did come but he was pretty cold and distant, not at all the touchy feely guy that he has been.

Clearly he is pulling away how do I get him to forget what I asked and get this relationship back on track? Unless I am freaking out for nothing, but the Thanksgiving thing doesn't make me think that I am (plus him not asking me out also has me worried)

Women keep telling me not to do anything not to text, call nothing. I know women that have used this way of thinking and it has NEVER ONCE worked for them, all it does is makes the relationship end without any answers, seems to be an easy way out for the guy.

Really need some advice and fast!

How does a hot and heavy relationship go cold so fast and how do I fix it?
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