Should I tell him that he hurt me?

Well... this guy at my church.. He treated me really nicely, asking if he could sit next to me and stuff.. so I thought "wow this guy's being nice" and I thought he was a gentleman... a part of me was telling myself, don't start liking him cause I noticed he liked some other girls lol... and yeah well when I started telling myself give him a chance... I kinda got hurt

I know I shouldn't be hurt but I've been rejected by guys in the past so much that what he did.. is just the straw on the camels back type thing

Well... He invited me to this church event... and after I went to it.. I texted him afterward because I wanted to try talking to him I guess to get close to him sadly lol

well when I texted him after the event he completely ignored me... and I know he looked at the texts.. just started ignoring me... so the next day at church I tried ignoring him and he's kinda ignoring me now

i just wanna text him and tell him how much he hurt me because I think he would apologize and I'd feel better if he'd apologize or it could go a bad way.. he could think I'm pyscho since I barely know him

but he seemed like a nice guy and in my opinion he hurt me? I don't know :\ I just hate being ignored by guys now... it really hurts
Should I tell him that he hurt me?
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