My ex-boyfriend won't give me my stuff back, what do I do?!

Sorry if part of this is a vent, but I'm really pissed off.

We broke up 3 months ago. When we were dating he needed a PC for college, so I offered to lend him a spare motherboard, CPU and power suppy. I even built the darn thing myself because he didn't know how to.

Things were going well until he messed up right in my face. (not a huge deal, but it was very nasty nonetheless).

However, what REALLY got on my nerves was not what he did, but HOW he handled things in the following days.

He started being clingy. If he asked me out and I wasn't available, he would insist and insist and insist to the point it was creepy. If I did manage to go out with him, it was a freaking sausage fest. Girls would always make excuses for missing it.

He would ring at my door unannounced at inappropriate times.

He would talk in the corniest and most awkward way possible. He flooded my Facebook, Whatsapp and cell phone inboxes. He started OOZING this needy, desperate rush that felt incredibly awkward around him.

I dropped contact over the weeks. He added my friend (she was there when he messed up) and asked how he could fix things. She pretty much told him it was his fault, and he should talk directly to me instead of putting people in between (we did talk before he added her). He tried adding another friend of mine. She ignored him because she was aware though.

By then, I was creeped out. As politely as I could, I listened to him and explained it wasn't going to work.

So he started stalking me.

His friend started messaging me on Facebook, throwing indirect sh*t.

If we bumped into each other in college, he would stare at his stupid phone, walk faster and pretend I wasn't there. Only to continue stalking me on Facebook and whining via stupid posts.

Stupid me let these months go by. He STILL stalks me. Now a PC at home is broken and I need my pieces back.

- I start a polite chat., months after we last talked. He responds immediately in an excited tone.

- When I mention the pieces, he replies.. "oh... that explains it." And starts taking HOURS to reply, every line in an incredibly petty tone. He asks for a week so he can buy his own pieces.

- I agree, and message him again after the week has passed. Cool, he's got nothing yet.

- I'm sorry, but I really can't wait any longer, I tell him. I really need 'em. He asks for more time.

- I insist. Look, I really need them. I ask: How about tomorrow?

- He half agrees.

- The day comes. Last minute, he tells me he won't make it. Maybe tomorrow, he says.

Tomorrow comes, and here I am sitting like an idiot waiting for him. I just realized he even deleted me from the Facebook group where he and his friends would plan the weekends.

I'm REALLY pissed off at this huge baby. I mean, yeah, I'm sorry that things didn't work out but can you REALLY be such a jerk? I was always polite with him no matter how I felt. Still, I'm the bad girl. I'm so stupid for lending him the pieces in the first place.

What can I do?
My ex-boyfriend won't give me my stuff back, what do I do?!
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