She stopped talking to me all the sudden, I need advise. she's a scorpio for those into astrology. thanks

I met this girl in a college course, before you read this know this girl was VERY shy, isn't good with communicating her feeling or just with communication in general and it took me a while to get her out of her shell and share things with me but I got through so this is why its surprising to me that she's ignoring me all the sudden..

long story short we have been seeing each other for about 4 months, I've met her family she has met mine, she's stayed the night at my place before and we are very intimate, sexual(no sex), I treat her like she should be treated and act as a couple and do everything a couple has done, i’ve never really asked her to be my girlfriend because I don’t see the point now we basically are a couple (which couple be a reason why she's ignoring me but I doubt it).

I have shared with her that I like her and I shared my intentions with her. Anyways we usually text throughout the day and things especially at night and usually hang out during the week, basically we are going awesome I Haven't made any mistakes yet, maybe flirted with some girls here and there while she's around but its harmless flirting(could be another reason). As of about 2 weeks ago she has been very short with me through text, I always have to start the convo and when we talk in person its like talking to a brick wall I have been chasing her like crazy and no response from her.In class she acts as if I don't exist but is VERY friendly with everyone else and seems very happy. So last weekend I asked her to hang out on Saturday night and she came up with some lame excuse, (Havent texted since or talked in person) until this week mid week we ALWAYS do something so I went up to her and said hey we still on for today? but she came up with some lame *** excuse once again.

I have asked what was wrong with her and she just tells me she's stressed with school and is in a "bad mood" and isn't back yet... whatever that means. and other sh*t so I left her alone and she hasn't tried to communicate with me and neither have I until yesterday and I told her things with us aren't the same we are acting very distant and I got no reply, I'm kind of over it and these games, I have this girl I'm going on a date with this Saturday, but I honestly have strong feelings for the first girl and its impossible for her not to have strong feelings for me she was a very shy girl and I'm not the most shy I'm very straight forward, it took me so much to get this girl and she's just doing this to me its not fair at all, what could it be? Is she developing strong feelings and is scared of rejection? She isn't the type to go date another guy so that isn't even a question, she's also a virgin if that helps… PLEASE give me some advise on what to do with her, for now I think I'm gonna continue to ignore her and go out with the other girl, I just hope it isn't over because we have a very strong emotional attraction to each other.
She stopped talking to me all the sudden, I need advise. she's a scorpio for those into astrology. thanks
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