Ever got rejected even without asking a woman out?

Alright, my problem goes like this. I'm a 27 year old man living in a third world country, where people are still a bit conservative when it comes to dating. I'm really friendly with both men and women. I'm facing a peculiar problem, that is women I befriend reject me even before I ask them out, and even if I never had any intention of asking them out. After just a few chats with any woman, she says "please never ask me out or fall in love with me". I mean, what the hell? They behave as if I have no better work than asking out every woman I come across. When I express that I felt hurt by those words, they say "I didn't mean to hurt you, but I just let you know now itself so that you don't get your hopes high". And no, these women didn't already have boyfriends, and they weren't very pretty ones who were out of my league. Apart from this, there are several other 'tactics' these girls use. Suppose they're of a different religion, they go on telling me how they will never ever date or marry a man of other religion, although they still do it. They say this just to rule out any possibility of me asking them out in the future. Then another one of those tactics they use, is to call me as a 'brother'. They know that once they say that I'm their brother, that would completely rule out any chance of me developing feelings for them. This has happened to me several times. In terms of looks, I'm not the best looking guy around, but certainly not the worst looking either. Most people, even women, have often told me that I look kind a cute and a lot younger than my actual age. I have seen guys who look a lot worse than me, and yet have partners. And all my friends and relatives do tell me that I'm a soft spoken, ever smiling guy who is always polite and friendly with everyone. I maintain good hygiene and keep myself well groomed. People also compliment me on my trendy fashion sense. I maintain clean habits, that is I never smoke or drink, and I'm also a strict vegetarian. The worst part is, I never have any intention of dating right now, because I'm concentrating on my career and don't want to have any kind of distractions. But the fact that women reject me so directly although I never even intended to ask me out, really hurts me. So I just don't understand what's happening with me.

I'm probably the only guy in this world, who has been rejected by several females without even having asked anyone out. I guess I need to get an award for that, or probably get my name entered in Guinness book of records. This is a really unique feat I have achieved, I guess.

I'm totally devastated by this. I'm just unable to understand what the hell is wrong with me. Now I've reached a point where I've almost completely given up on women, and in fact I'm planning to adopt a child after a few years and become a single father, because I don't want to be denied the joys of being a father. When my depression is at its peak, I even get suicidal thoughts.
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And sometimes, I feel that I have to resort to heavy smoking, drinking and hardcore drugs to overcome the pain and humiliation I have suffered at the hands of countless women. This is even badly affecting my career, and I'm unable to work to my full potential. Please help me out. I'm at my wit's end. Please help me out, people. I'm totally lost, depressed, broken, scarred, battered and bruised by women. :(
Ever got rejected even without asking a woman out?
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