Why I'm a Fussy Eater: Your Questions Answered

Why am I a ''fussy eater''? Common questions asked. #food #eat

Yes. I cut out entire food groups. No meat, no vegetables, next to no fruit, and basically only processed food. I live on carbohydrate, fat's, sugars, apples, oranges, and LOTS of multivitamins. And before I start explaining, lets just get this over with.

YES I don't like chicken, OR Nutella

Why am I like this?

Well, my mother likes to blame it on play school. Maybe it's some some sort of petty trauma, that developed into habit? I'll never know. I have very hazy memories of that time. I remember a tall lady who always wore Canterbury's. I remember a bowl of mashed potato mixed with carrot was served to me. Of course I noticed, and again I remember them depriving me of a golden star on the chart for not eating my dinner, devastating right? Yes I know. I somehow remember the oddest things. And as I grew up, food variety grew scarcer until I got where I am today!

How are you even alive?

The amount of times I've heard this *eye roll*. I eat food, I take multivitamins. Although perhaps not the healthiest of diets, it's all I have in my stubborn dietary ways. And no, I am not a vampire/immortal/any mythical creature you can think of (unfortunately)

Why I'm a Fussy Eater: Your Questions Answered

Why can't you just..uh..eat food ..like?

Some people just don't understand that 'yes I eat food'. Literally, every time I go into a restaurant I'm forced to order a portion of gravy chips just because it's too mortifying to order 'tomato pasta without this and that, so and so'. But whatever, I'm satisfied with my diet.

You haven't lived until you try (insert food of choice)!

And I say. Thanks, thanks, but i'll be fine without. *cough* Not interested in chicken or nutella whatsoever *cough*. I follow this with a fake smile, works like a treat. Nothing to see here, I just don't want to try your food. But seriously! I hate being pressured to eat. For example, one time somebody made a peanut butter jelly sandwich, and literally put it in my mouth. Not to offend anyone who like's that kind of thing, but I wasn't a fan. *cough* Nearly hurled *cough*. Again, nothing to see here, folks.

So the moral lesson of the day: Don't shove an overloaded peanut butter jelly sandwich into somebodies mouth. It's not even moderately funny. Hurts to think about it. Times like that, I would prefer to not taste at all. And even I am surprised that I just said that, wow. In the end, we all have our likes and dislikes. Perhaps it goes a few thousand steps beyond that in my case, but oh well.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you again *evil smirk*

Why I'm a Fussy Eater: Your Questions Answered


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  • Interesting. Do you think that your mum didn't expose you to all different kinds of produce that you turned out to be this way?

    • Hard to say at this point :) That could be the case, interesting theory.

    • Mm indeed 😌

  • I can totally relate to it! I don't eat meat/seafood/eggs, and people call me a 'fussy eater'! What the hell! I'm healthy, so why should my diet matter?

    • Yes, that is completely true. Diets shouldn't matter at all to other people :D
      Some people just feel as if they have some solemn duty to 'save' you._.

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    • Haha yeah, human idiocy has no limits!

    • Completely true, they can be so unreasonable :D

  • You're not alone. I've always used George's stand up to defend myself to girlfriends when I stick with the foods I like: https://youtu.be/LwYFMzOGOnM


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